Parkinson's Movement

Swollen right arm

I am new here. I was dx with parkinson one and half years ago. My symptoms are mild tremor and small writing. I started to take medicine 8 months ago ( 1/2 madapor morning and night and one sifrol at night). My right arm does not swing when I walk. My problem now is my right arm has become bigger(swollen). I feel heavy at the arms when I walk. This started even before I stared taking my medicine. Does anyone have this problem? I also have severe ticklish dry cough at night when i sleep.

I have slight tremors once in a while. I heard that disease progresses fast for patients with slight tremor. Is it true? Pls give advice. Tq

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You have noticed, or been told, that your arm doesn't swing when you walk. Now you are aware of this you can actively swing the arm to re-learn normal walking. Practice by 'marching' like a toy soldier to start with! Need to be doing other excercises too.


Thank you for the suggestion on arm swing retrain😊😊


progresses slower for patients with tremor.


Have you been to a GP for blood work, a health checkup recently? Is it possible there is something else causing your swelling, a second heath issue?


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