I know they are common in PD but I swear this one dream last night I woke up several times got up went to the bathroom drank some iced tea just relaxed and went right back into it even though it was at least half an hour, several times last night...I usually don't run into this issue but last night I kept dreaming the same dream, I write my dreams down so I can just be rid of it but last night that bugger just wouldn't go away after 3 times of this nonsense I stayed up at 4am...hopefully tonight it won't revisit me...Has anyone else had this issue I can see if I went right back to bed but I purposely stayed up at least a half an brain today feels sluggish so I'm going to fill it with games and puzzles to keep the gray cells up and moving I don't want a nap today (yes I feel I'm punishing myself lol)

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  • So sorry you had this awful reoccurring dream. I dream a lot and vividly and sometimes the same dream reoccurs but they are always nonsensical and don't phase me. Having a dream that disturbs you can be just as bad as having a happening in the waking world that is disturbing, wish there is something that could be done but I don't think there is.

  • Thank you, just was disturbed by the way I couldn't shake it, probably the reason why it stuck with me, thank you so much for your reply I still get weird dreams that don't shake me like this one did.....

  • That sounds awful, I've never heard of that happening so long. Funnily enough I had a nightmare last night and my wife woke me, apparently I told her that Obama had resigned and someone was trying to kill him! Where our minds go at night...

  • I sympathize with you. When I first started with Sinemet I had the same problem. Unfortunately I was working full-time so I was often a mess ( more cranky than I already am😉! That was nearly three years ago. I'm retired now and sleeping somewhat better. I take magnesium tabs an hour before and that helps. I took a sleep class through Kaiser and that was helpful and gave lots of ideas. I live in Sacramento so the hot summer nights are hard. I thank God when I have a good night. Oh and I try not to eat two hours before bedtime and keep my bedroom dark with no noise. Just keep trying different things..remember Parky is an adventure!!!🏄 kate

  • Always an adventure...I write my dreams down sometimes it helps, I take melatonin for sleep sometimes pm capsules but only if my arthritis peeks it's ugly head...I try reading a bit or watching completely boring tv or a nature video I have some of thunderstorms they relax me, I just worry about the craziness PD brings us, just never had a dream that seemed to want to complete itself... I feel sometimes I am the Queen of weirdness lol

  • Husband always has vivid nightmares,maybe 1 or 2 times a week,depends on how tired he is,I wake him as he screams awful and scares me bad--he does not remember them or me waking him up says oh I thought I was hit last night I do not hit him I just shake him he opens his eyes but is in trance like?Scary stuff.Sometimes he gets really nasty to like" leave me alone "or" don't hit me "'and I am not!!! Dr has told me if he gets violent to leave the room?He has had violent screaming nightmares way before PD diagnosis may be from VietNam?

  • Sounds like PTSD, I have some experience in this, I was severely abused as a child, it may have something to do with the weird dream I haven't had them since I left home and realized it wasn't my fault...seen a ton of therapists for a while, Suzzi you may have solved my problem as PD can make some mental issues relapse from my understanding...I feel relieved but also apprehensive I do remember having horrible nightmares then and it fits with my dream that night, not being able to escape my life my dreams would take on a dark twist and I do remember having multiple nightmares...could be... I will see if a pattern emerges and if so I may have to go back to therapy... Thank you Suzzi you may have solved my problem, I didn't even think it might be an old issue

  • Bonnie51462,Well sorry if that is what is causing your nightmares I know how bad hubby gets at times,it is awful seeing him shake and upset.At least I now know what the heck was the matter and so does he.Parkinsons seems to make it worse tho??Glad I could help you shed some light on it.

  • Parkinsons causes sleeplessness in me, I also have arthritis so some night it's a tossing and turning event...Parkinsons also causes vivid dreaming but what caught my attention to your post was PTSD it wasn't called that when I sought help but later a therapist told me that any period of intense emotions can cause PTSD due to being under stress to manage your life I thank your husband for his service (I should have done this earlier but was stressed ) constantly hardening of your emotions to deal with horrible situations (bottling them up) isn't healthy but at the time you can"t do more than hold on for dear life...I pray your husband is doing well he has a great caretaker

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