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Cannabis for dystonia relief


My research on cannibis high in cbd and cbn'S indicates that there should be some benefits. Has anyone found any improvement?

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I have pd diagnosed 7 years ago. Ive been using cbd 500 mg for the last 2 years. I found a lot of benefits for pd. Sleeping dyskenasia depression constipation etc. only recently I cut back on it as I'm having unexplained intestinal spasms. I stopped all supplements and lowered the amount of cannabinol I was using. No thc in what I use. I get it from Totally legal.

I know cannabis does work also and probably better due to the thc. But it is still illegal in Florida. Go to the realm of caring website and you can find out all you want about cbd and cbs and what it helps. I get the charlottes web from the Stanley brothers in Colorado. Good luck Judy

Sueberd in reply to Littlerody

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida. Yes

YES-use of cannibis oil has helped with both distonia and dyskinesia.

givememore in reply to ssnowhite

cannabis oil did nothing for me.

hanifag in reply to ssnowhite


My Dystonia only began a few weeks ago after 11 years of taking Madopar. It has been awful visiting me every morning upon waking and I have actually lost one toenail and 2 more coming off......I guess from all the dragging across the carpets/tiles. It only lasted about 20 minutes.

I need to thank the contributor who suggested shoes....I keep a pair beside the bed and pop them on before making my way to the bathroom. No Dystonia effective....what relief.

Thank you again

hanifab23 in reply to Bridielena

please tell me what kind of shoes

Bridielena in reply to hanifab23

Ordinary enclosed Loafers. Did read somewhere Open Toe Shoes but for me fully enclosed is OK.

fortunately i live in florida, i cannot wear closed toe shoes as they cause me to have dystonia in both feet.

Sorry to hear that. Try open toe shoes then

not sure if it was me or not lol. but i remembered michael j fox saying how bad his was in the mornings and how he kept a hard pair of shoes next to the bed and put them on immediately. just glad you got some relief. good luck, judy

Thanks Judy. I too keep the shoes by the bed......someone said open toe but fully enclosed is what I have, So far so good this morning. In my recliner as is usual now at this time of the day........need a walking frame now most mornings or a stick but no Dystonia.( to get to my chair) According to my husband only yelled out once last night too.


Oh Hanifab23 to my dismay the Dystonia came back, in one foot only, this morning.

My shoes are nothing special ....a pair of brogues . They were the first things I could put my hands on .....just make sure the pair you decide are fully enclosed......the Dystonia wasn't as bad though and I concentrated heavily on each step I took.

Another issue with me is my husband had to wake me 4 times tonight between 10.00 pm and 12.30 am because of my Screams......I retreated to another room so to give him some peace. Haven't slept since.

It's all rather challenging isn't it ?

are you screaming from dreams or cramps?


the cbd oil seems to have minimized the vivid dreams and nightmares. good luck

i have used cbd oil 500 mg continuously for the last 12-18 months. due to recent gi problems i stopped all supplements and lowered my dose of cbd oil. in all honesty it will be 2 weeks tomorrow (the pharmacist told me to give it 2 weeks on stopping supplements) and i've yet to see a great difference. i do feel the lack of the cbd oil when i go too long without it. i lowered it and all the supplements (vitamins basically) as they all said they could cause abdominal problems of some degree. although the cbd said it should be minimal. i used to take it all day inbetween my sinemet. i now have been taking it only around meal times and bedtime. it's all experimentation. the cbd oil has no thc. the thc may be the thing to help me. it is not legal yet here in florida. after many tests and several doctors opinions and talking with different patients on this and other websites, i doubt the cbd oil is causing me any difficulties and i believe it's either abdominal dystonia or dyskenasia from the amount of sinemet i'm on. good luck in your pursuit. i get my cbd oil from i like their product as it is the original charlotte's web oil made by the stanley brothers in colorado for the seizures charlotte had. judy

i have been using marijuana and different byproducts such as wax and oil and the more thc in the product the better, i do have wonderful results when i mix high thc % with a high cbd % . i have been off the parkinson's meds for two years now and seem to do just as well as when on sinemet. illegal - legal who cares as long as it helps and it is readily available almost anywhere in the world.

Ruffinglgo in reply to Pappy214

Yes! I agree. I am so thankful that we have these options available to deal with this awful "roommate" PD. I find CBD and thc are a way to deal with facial dystonia and return of TMJ. I hope that I can keep my back molars from cracking. Really the dental costs scare me the most. If you can chew gum Trident may help reduce cavities . Keeps mouth moist. Biotin spray I keep by my bed. Though gosh darn it I keep chewing& clamping down on the inside of cheek. OUCH! Lexapro 5 mg helps anxiety and relaxes jaw but I take Lexapro at night per my pharmacist's's advice 5 mg - 10 mg

to avoid a Serotonin Storm which pharmacist said could occur with Azilect and Lexapro. "I cannot authorize this. You could die from a Serotonin overdose."

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