Moment of terror

I was standing on a chair dusting the top of the piano. Then I was done. I looked down and I couldn't figure how to simply step down. The distance to the floor looked to be a good five feet (which I know it is not). So I thought, "Oh for pity's sake! Just jump down." I jumped and started to sway and stumble. I didn't fall but it took me a minute to right myself. Boy was that sobering. I could call it a moment of terror or a moment of facing reality. What's the difference? I became a toddler again -- unfortunately sans that adorable quality tots have when their reaching beyond their grasp.

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  • I would say it's both.  Glad you're ok!

  • @Becky That would scare me to death too!!!

  • My brother in law, 70 ,ex fire fighter, good shape , standing on a chair in the garage , fell and had to drag himself to the phone ,broken leg now with metal pins. His friend trying to put pants on while standing , got one leg stuck  , fell over and broke his hip. Life changing.

    I use a cane now mostly for when I am standing still . A friend gave me a walker. I will never  need that I said so how come I like pushing the grocery cart at the store .

    Can you imagine how life would be with a broken hip?  No more  chairs, ladders, stools for me. I am a ground level man .

  • I hear you. Thank you.

  • Hi Becky Yeah I agree with you it's frightening. I think it's a spacial thing . Us PD sufferers can't judge distances. My moments of terror come when I'm a passenger in a car. Even though the driver is only doing thirty miles an hour, I think they are going much faster and I get terrified. The whole world seems to rush by at breakneck speed.

    We can't reconcile in our minds what we are seeing .

    Keep on keeping on Martin..

  • I can relate to that. My husband gets annoyed with me.

  • So happy that you did not fall.  Those reality checks are sobering, aren't they!?

  • You ain't a-kiddin'.

  • glad u survived - stay vertical! that's the key!

  • Thanks, "Dad."

    All of a sudden I feel like I'm wearing cement shoes. :-)

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