Parkinson's Disease

I am suffering from PD for the last one year. My movements have become very slow and lost balance.. Lost energy, having constipation, losing memory and lost weight also. Control of urine has also become critical.I am on the course of Syndopa Plus 125, Ropark0.5 (previously Rasalect was given), Amantrel but this has tremendous side effects of nausea, loss of appetite etc. Is there any food/diet plan that can help reduce the problem?

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  • Sounds l lke you need to have you medications reviewed and perhaps changed. Eating more fruits and veggies might help with constipation. Keep us posted .

  • Are you in the US? I have not heard of these drugs and wonder if they are the same as sinimet and others,

  • madhu where in India are u from, did u try herbal meds how old ru

  • my husband had a cystoscopy and a scan to evaluate the electro-conductivity of his bladder. He has a hyperactive bladder due to PD. He's on Vesicare and doing well. What a relief!!! Also exercise, esp. walking helps.

  • If you have access to a neurologist and especially a PD specialist please go as soon as you can. The earlier you can see a PD specialist the better, stay well.

  • Went on Keytone diet after getting Parkinson's and really enjoy it because it totally changed my problem with constipation and I lost quite a bit of weight, type II diabetes is no longer a problem -- it's controlled, and I feel much better.

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