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Take part in our next webinar!

Our next webinar is entitled ‘Tips and Tricks’ and we would like to hear from you. When you live with Parkinson's, you quickly become an expert in finding solutions to everyday problems.

This could be an exercise routine which has benefited you or a solution you have found to improve your sleep patterns, for example.

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Exercise is the main weapon in arsenal in my battle against the ravages of "the beast". I do boxing training twice a week, Yoga once a week, Circuit Training once a week and lift weights, do press-ups, squats and crunches at home on days I haven't a class. I find the total exercise regime so beneficial but perhaps the boxing training has achieved the best results in term of my mobility(bur without the other classes I could not have progressed to boxing training)

It is not easy trying to concentrate on doing more than one thing at once but the feeling of achievement is wonderful. I can now move my feet quickly enough after tripping that falling is no longer an issue for me

My voice can be a problem especially if I am asked to respond out of the blue. I use a cough to give me that vital couple of seconds to ready my voice

We have just ordered Easy Move sheets to help with turning in bed


Get in the habit if one drink every 2hours drunk not sipped and not just poured and not drunk. Avoid constipation at all costs.and exercise push yourselves and after exercise drink.


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