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A rude awakening

As many of you will be aware I am fortunate in that my consultant is not a neurologist but a gerontologist with a special interest in PD. He gives me time & respect, is honest & not patronising. He involves his patients in their treatment & leads an excellent support team. He also happens to live within five miles of me in a rural community & uses the same GP surgery. A few days ago he & his wife entered reception as I was called for my appointment. He looked awful. It was clear that something was seriously amiss.

My emotions ran from shock, sympathy & compassion to 'what will happen to me?' followed by guilt.

I hope with all my heart that he will recover - for himself & his family, for his other patients & for me. It has brought home to me how much I take for granted & how PD has become a focus of my life, despite my best efforts to resist.

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You were very wise to find someone other then a neurologist to be a consultant then a pill pushing neuro. And find this person as a gerontologist with interest in PD was positively brilliant! Hopefully he may recover?

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Nice to hear from you. If we look around us most people of a similar age have quite a lot of our symptoms...stiffness from arthritis, weaker continence, some shakes, weakness.

At present im comcentrating on changing myself to be more relaxed and positive...getting rid of my fears...hard work!

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Hope he recovers . I'm always so happy to find a health professional I can really work with and so sad to lose one. My very kind patient dentist, who put up with my dyskinesia and anxiety, recently moved away :( . His replacement is not so great.


Hi honetcombe3. It is so pleasing to hear of a doctor who is as nice as you described. I am afraid that a lot of them are only interetsed in making money and pushing pills. They don't give a fig about the patient and the consequences of the medication, as long as you keep taking it. I also hope that he recovers from whatever ails him.


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hello angie

how nice to see you on line again but niot so nice are the reasons - i do hope he gets better - for everyones sake-


from sharon


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