Im losing weight ...any advice apart from the obvious to eat more?

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  • Hello Hilarypeta

    It is difficult to say why without a run down on the foods you eat, which would be the first place to look. Judging By your posts generally, you are quite well up on diets, but let me ask if you have cut down on your carbohydrate foods of late? If you have, then that could be the answer. I have done this myself these past few weeks when I eat more fat and protein, but limit my carbs to below 50 grms. I have lost a stone in weight as a result. As a precaution, may I suggest you see your doctor as well, because there are several conditions where weight loss can be a factor as you will know.


  • factor is dental..lot of new caps, another difficulty swallowiing and chewing somethings.also nopal and cactus fibre goodon fibre bad on losing weight. Have stopped them for now. Plums seem. To do a better job! Thanks.

  • I have the opposite problem - unwanted significant weight gain even though I am on an almost carb free regime! Tony

  • Tony

    That's an interesting one. May I ask what diet regime you are on? Do you that your weight gain could be due to the side effects of your medication?


  • I have a gluten free diet with minimal carbs. I am convinced it is the meds combined with DBS that have screwed up my metabolism!

  • Tony

    You could well be right about the cause, but all is not lost. May I suggest to you to read up about 'probiotics' and buy some from a health store. Take them for several weeks at least before deciding if they are working for you. Your problem appears to me to be unbalanced gut flora and nothing to do with DBS, meds yes, but you can not do without them. Question for you, do you take dairy products?


  • Thank you for this Norton - I will certainly give it a try! No I am completely dairy free. Tony

  • Tony

    When you buy the 'probiotics' make sure they are the strong ones with billions of the right bacteria in each capsule. I have Solgar advanced brad.


  • Do you eat fruit? If so, how many pieces a day?


  • Yes i eat a lot and 2 fruit juicees to take oils and fiibre with.

  • Hilarypeta

    I used eat a lot of fruit each day and drink fruit juices. Not a good idea, too much fructose which as you know is like sugar. Can upset the balance of gut flora.


  • My husbands weight went right down,almost skeletal,and then gradually started to increase with more medication,now he fluctuates all the time,he eats well,and has a good diet ?

  • Interesting,,ive refused medication. Im trying howard shifkes recipe for covery from pd.

  • Please let me know how that works for you I took his one day workshop. Would like to stay in touch.

  • Im interested in knowing more! Please get in touch.

  • My tremor was so bad that I lost 30 pounds. My neuro said it was not uncommon and that being in constant motion burns calories year after year. I had DBS 15 months ago and have regained all that weight.

  • My first med was Azilect which significantly reduced my tremors and I gained 20 lbs. Sinemet was added a few months ago and I have lost 20 lbs. Really due to loss of appetite and frequent nausea and vomiting...Happy to loose the weight but not like this!

  • I make sure to have ICE CREAM in the freezer for my husband. He can eat it any time of day. I have to ask him if there is any left, before the grandkids come over!

  • I dont have tremors..just occasional twitches in2 fingers ive had for years. Stiff ankle and wrist. Ice cream is bad as its cows milk, fat and sugar. Im trying to find a healthy way. Have almond butter on gluten free bread!

  • Have managed to reach the age of 85,I don't have a tremor,i do have difficulty walking,and turning round is when I usually fall,i started on sinimet,then progressed to sinimet plus 3 times daily,now on azilect once a day,and sinimet plus 4 times daily,spend a lot of time sleeping,but eat well etc,and still drive,having re sat my driving test and passed it,do have dry skin.Sleep well at nights.So all us PD people are different,but we all need topping up with dopamine

  • WOW! I'm 82, but I can't drive anymore. I also sleep well, have no tremors, but have lost 35 pounds

  • hi hilary peta,

    i was losing weight and [about 40 lbs. ] and was wondering how much i could lose and still stand -up. well my husband went to the health food store. and got me a big jug of "serious Mass' 4 0r 5 ice cubes. in a good blender. then one cup of milk, one cup of serious mass , one TBS of flax seed , ground. then i package of carnation essentials. and two scoops of ice cream. this was lunch for a few months. i was down to 101 Lbs .

    and now weigh 117 lbs. i haven't had the serious mass in over a month, and i i haven't lost any of the weight gain.

    some parky's gain weight , and some lose weight.

  • Thanks, will check it out when i get to uk on tuesday, were having a few days break in deauville france.

  • Try eating more quickly so that you can cram in more food before the body's digestive system sends the "I've had enough" message to the brain.

    The time normally taken for this message is about 20 minutes after the "being full" event.

    So that is 20 minutes of what you would normally feel is overeating. Also eat lots of carbo-hydrates (i,e, loads of bread and potatoes and pasta) and loads of sugar. At every opportunity to eat a bar of chocolate take that opportunity. Go to McDonalds and have a large milk shake - there's probably a whole bag of sugar in one of those. lol

    If I could I'd do you a swap - I'll trade you my weight gain for your weight loss. I kinda suspect that after the first 20 minutes of such a swap you'd be really looking forward to getting back to normal.

    And don't forget to keep snacking between meals.

    This response is only partly in fun . The 20 minute thing in particular is serious.

  • Thanks useful...except im borderline diabetic and have high bad cholesterol and try to keep to healthy diet..i definitely eat slowly now though! And have been esting. More potatoes,choc etc!

  • Hmmm, tricky!

  • I m also losing but it seems to be a sugar/ protien issue, SO I tend to load up on veggies, fruits and toast with sugar free jams. I drink milk, juices . FRESH anything is wonderful--good flavor.