Live each day as though it were your last

I have recently decided to take at least one positive thing out of each day. I am going to try and do something new each day and to make memories from my present day to day activities. I will try to push myself to do different things each day, including exercise.

My memories will include small but significant things that have occurred each day. One example, is that today my 3 year old grandaughter asked me for a cuddle and said I love you Nanna. Today has not been a particularly good day, my tremor has not been well controlled, but I have spent the day with my husband and two grandaughters - am I lucky or what?

It is the small things, put together that make memories and I intend to take each day as it comes, both good and bad, while I can. Even if it is only taking the dogs for a walk in the rain, food shopping or daily chores I will do what I can when I can. I want people to remember me for myself, and not as a person with Parkinsons.

Come on life, throw what you like at me - I am ready, I hope. Roll on tomorrow.


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  • Love it Court,

    Just tell PD to F@@k off and enjoy what we have , live life to the fullest and enjoy., my daughter Lauren came home from work to night with a bottel of champers , and gave me a big kiss and said happy birthday , i forgot i was 53 today , so like you i will do the same


  • Happy birthday for yesterday Al xx

  • Thanks

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday. Just waking up determined to practice what I preach!!

  • Go on

    Have a great Day


  • Happy belated birthday!!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Al!!! I hope it was a good one.

    Cheri :)

  • happy birthday al xxxx

  • Thanks Sha


  • Indeed.

  • Cheers big man,

    hope you are ok


  • Happy belated bday... and I think you have the right idea. I am trying to do the same. I have a hard time doing that myself and really have to force myself to do the same especially witht he bad flare ups.

  • Thank you Al, I woke up with my now usual feelings of nausea and February blues. I needed your kick up the butt - best medicine.

    Happy belated birthday.

  • hi Al

    happy birhtday to you

    and and a big :-)

    love jill

  • hi sue

    u r so right

    but it si sometimes difficuilt to put into practice

    love jill and a big :-)

  • Happy Birthday, Al

  • Sue, you are so right. It's hard to stay positive but I, like you, try to find something good in everyday. Yesterday, I played golf with my husband and sister (my husband tees up my ball for me). I'm sore as hell today but I managed to stay on my feet yesterday and had a good time. I still can't golf worth a darn but I'm going to keep trying while I can.

  • And before you go to sleep give gratitude of three things you have.

  • would be good to sleep

  • Sue, I've decided that I'm not going to waste my time on the "what if's and unknowns" of PD. I'm going to live each day to the fullest and not beat myself up for things that I cannot do. I'll celebrate the little things in life. PD sure changes your perspective on what's important, doesn't it? I'm still struggling at times; but continue to remind myself of the blessings in my life and think of others worse off than myself. That gives me a swift kick in the rear end and gets me going again.

    Cheri :)

  • Exactly how I feel. Stupid to worry about things we can't change better just to get on with things. After all, we are all in this together.


  • I am just a caregiver but since it's my hubby it is difficult to deal with.

    I want him to be his old self. Even at 83 he was very active. Out and about

    doing volunteer work etc. I have started to take each day and count the blessing of getting through it and staying on top of things. When he gets to

    bed , usually very early 4 to 5 Pm I sit in my lounger and say a prayer of thanks for folks like you.For friends past and present. For the visitors that have come buy and made the day brighter. A special prayer of thanks for my sons who

    help me to get through the rough days and always able to spend a few minutes on the phone when I need a shoulder. I know how busy their days are. I wish you all peace of mind, Thanks for being out there.

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