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I was really proud this week to receive a kings commendation nominated by a young onsetperson with Parkinson's. it was a powerful statement of me empowering her encouraging her to become an expert in living and understanding Parkinson's. having clinics that fitted around her working and family life and about me encouraging her to return to work and once again becoming a whole person. I am still amazed at her words and at getting the award because I feel honoured as a pdns to be working among people with the condition and to be inspired everyday in the job that I do by people who show me what living and survival is really like. It drives me on to read the polls on here to read the letters to get a better understanding of what the every day issues of living with Parkinson's are. My practice improves by listening and watching as dies my expertise in the field. To the person who honoured me with this award I thank you and for everyone living with Parkinson's we in the profession are here for you watching

listening and learning

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Well done to you.

You are in a very misunderstood profession and we still hear of people who are given the diagnosis and then told they are not 'bad enough' for a Pd Nurse yet. So, unless they are computer savvy or meet somebody with some small experience of Parkinson's they are on their own! Well done for everything you do.



Thank you we are lucky in the uk as most pdns are empowered and run our own case loafs and I have arou d a thousand patients and many you g onset complex multiethnic cases. We treat at diagnosis knowing the non motor symptoms have been there many years prior to diagnosis. We are very much patient lead which has really turned around tithe way we diagnose and treat. Only peoe living with iPd can ever really understand what it is all about

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Congratulations!! You are doing a wonderful job along with many PD nurses. I hope we PwP make sure our own PD nurses feel valued.


Well done isis6361!!!!

In South Africa, we do not have the luxury of Pd nurses. We are on our own, with a shortage of doctors and hellishly expensive medical services. You stay proud of your calling and do your best to understand what it is like have Pd!



Congratulations. Thank you for your willingness to learn from your patients. I hope others in the health care profession follow your example.


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