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Update on Blog for Night Owls

When I posted my original post on Blog for Night Ows I got a very positive feedback so I got in touch with Healthunlocked so see what they thought.

I posted their reply in a further blog for Night Owls explaining that I was not able to take on setting up or running such a site. As well as not been very computer literate, and at the moment sleeping a little better due to increased meds, We spend a lot of weekends away, if I am able.

It seems a shame not to take this further as I am sure a lot of people would be glad of such a site.

PLEASE, PLEASE, there must be someone out there more qualified than me who could take it further.


2 Replies

Hi Court, Perhaps we need a Chat Room


That sounds like a good idea but Healthunlocked would have to approve it first.

Haven't any idea how to set one up. I wondered whether something along thr lines of Facebook might work.

Am full of ideas but no ideas on how to go about it!!

Dennis is having a look to see if he can sort anything out, but am sure he would be grateful for any help.



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