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Is anyone aware of research studying a possible link between Parkinsons and miyasis or schistomiyasis, bot fly disease listed by the WHO

as a "forgotten" disease, prevalent in warm and sub-Saharan countries? It is also the second biggest killer after malaria. It is also incurable, caused by larvae under the skin (essentially like the maggots used to cure open wounds-sorry to those who are faint of heart!), This disease was little known in the United States until recently when several cases were discovered. Or does anyone have it?

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Guess the answer is no purplelady. If there was a link which caused PD then we would expect high rates of PD in countries where these disease are prevalent. i havent read that they do have high rates. what prompted your question - just wondering.


Good thought! I didn't mean caused PD necessarily........curiosity and possible hallucinations!


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