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Dr. Anthonio Constantini on Robert Rodgers Radio show

Today: An Interview with Dr. Anthonio Constantini Parkinsons Recovery is dedi...

More Correspondence with Dr Costantini

Yesterday I wrote to Dr Costantini explaining my situation : age 76, 80 kg, newl...

Who is Taking Thiamine and a Brief Summary of Any Benefit That You Attribute to its Use? / Reference Page

I'm realizing that there are many more people taking Dr. Costantini's Thiamine P...

The Game Changers; A quick update of my symptoms

Thiamine HCL,Vit D, Magnesium,NAC, Omega3, Cycling, Fast walk are The Game Chang...

Help needed

My husband has been diagnosed nearly 12 years, on Asilect, Ropinerole and Stelev...
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