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Explanation for sweating, cold, and white fingers

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Hi everyone, this is Megan from Mission: Cure. Linda_MC and I were just speaking to some pancreatitis pain experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, US, and we got an explanation for symptoms that had previously been un-recognized and unexplained by pancreatitis doctors. My brother and many others are cold all the time and sometimes get Reynaud's syndrome, which is where your fingers turn white. Other people have excessive sweating, which I just learned is technically called "hyperhidrosis." We learned that these are normal reactions to nerve damage that can be caused by pancreatitis. The pain affects your autonomic nervous system, which (among other things) helps regulate your body temperature. The damage can make your body mistakenly think it is too hot or too cold. If it thinks it is too hot...sweating. If it thinks it is too cold...white fingers!

Aside from being a relief to know why things are happening in your body, these things may be treatable! Mission: Cure is working with Johns Hopkins to identify and test treatments.

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This is fascinating. I'm anxious to learn more.

I have 'both' issues. Not in the form of that disease, but I have a form of slow-emptying stomach and one of the side effects is that feeling of hot flash. I get it along with sweating often after I eat too much.

I also have cold & chills episodes where my fingers - although not specifically white - are ice cold. They'll even stay that way for 15-20 minutes outside on a really hot day. It's the strangest feeling. But the cold chills when it's 90 degrees outside is a strange feeling.

They've explained these symptoms come from my Gastroparesis, but not "Why".

I can't wait to learn more