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Been prescribed flucloxacillin for 7 days on 3rd day and having back pain has anyone else found this?

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Hi Ive just finishes a 7 day course 2000 units a day,and i had the"runs" really bad, but no back pain!!

Canimal in reply to Haggishead

I did have some stomach problems on 2nd day and took actimel which helped. The back pain isn’t great and can’t wait until course finished taking for external ear infection as drops didn’t work so doctor said will have to take this.

Haggishead in reply to Canimal

With my luck I will probably be as constipated as hell after running to the loo with the slightest tummy rumble! Hope your ear infection clears up soon !!

FRreedman in reply to Canimal

I didn't have back pain, but enormous amounts of heartburn. I came off it after 3 days, and for them have me ear drops, which haven't worked so far.

Canimal in reply to FRreedman

I had 2 lots of eardrops before the antibiotics they worked at first and then the symptoms came back again after a week. Good luck and hope they work soon.

Hi I had that one some time ago and it made me ill , think it was the runs. It was put on my adverse reaction list so its not prescribed again. Does it mention anything in the patients leaflet about backache ? as it might not be the tablet just a coincidence. Take care.

Canimal in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you. The leaflet mentions joint aches etc but mainly digestive issues. Have 3 days left now which can’t come soon enough.

Hi am on these antibiotics at the moment for a skin Abcess, and yes my backache been worse then usually, I've been on them nearly 3 weeks 4 a day. ,am coming of them today ,as I feel awful taking them now..Helped at first,.Abcess small now.. I feel they not helping now though.. I've also been mega tired all the time,with no energy...Good luck. Hope you feel better soonxx

Canimal in reply to house77

Yes the back pain has been awful. You poor thing 3 weeks on them as 7 days feels too long atm but have 3 days left will be glad when finished. Thank you and good luck with the abscess recovery.

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