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HR meeting Following occ health doc report

I have worked for my an NHS trust for nearly 14 years being in my present post as a physio assistant for 5 years prior to this i was a HCSW .

Like anyone i have had occasional sickness absence who doesn't when you are exposed to infection day in day out but this year i have gone over the acceptable absence allowed (4 times with in 12 months). I have OA in my lumber spine and SI joint which gives me pain flair ups when we have a increase in the capacity and demand of the manual handling of patients with decreased mobility. My first flair up back in 2011 was caused by a patient falling while i was mobilizing her and i lowered her to the floor as best as i could while shouting for help.

My sickness record during the 12 months they are on about includes two sets of treatment for pain to try and enable me to continue to work with in my post.

Now the occ health GP has decided i am no longer able to sustain what would be an acceptable attendance in the role i am employed in and advises HR and himself look at alternative roles within the trust. The occ health GP also put that he feels this condition is covered with the equality act 2010 but didn't really explain what that means for me.

So have just been summoned by HR and told that I have to attend a meeting on Monday to discuss absence. The objective of this meeting is to go through the occ health report and redeployment formal proceedings. To say I am terrified is an understatement.

My line manager gave me a letter detailing all the info along with a print out of my absences since 2013 (I pointed out I knew how many absences i have had and its all related to my back problem two of which have been for treatment).

My sister is going to go with me to take notes and listen as i am sure things will be said so fast that i will not take everything in they have said that mins will be taken and a copy sent to me with a further meeting date set.

This is causing me stress and upset which i am sure isn't helping my pain which now is not only on my lower back but leg and feet too.

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I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I work for a healthcare provider with the same 4 episodes of sickness in 12 months policy. Luckily I'm rarely off, but am terrified of needing time off so end up working through most things, all very stressful.

I think they have to issue you with formal letters and print-outs. Having dealt (from the background) with disciplinary issues it seems that all of these processes are very formal from a legal point of view. It's sensible to take someone with you. Are you in a union, because they may be able to give you some advice? Or Citizen's Advice?

Make a list of questions to take with you and don't be afraid to ask them. Have you had any thoughts yourself about what sort of role you might want to take on, because you can ask at the meeting. And don't let them push you into anything you're not sure about - ask if you can have some time to think before accepting alternative roles. After all, even if we've applied for a job and been interviewed and offered it we still might need a little time to decide before accepting it.

Hope the meeting goes well, try not to worry. Sometimes the NHS doesn't look after its own very well, but it may be that they are trying to help you.


Obviously not a union member so start by reading up on info your back injury would more than likely be considered a disability inder the Disability Discrimianation ACT incorporaed into Equality Act 2010. have you any other health issues apart from this. What Reasonable Adjustments are in place as usually you should be allowed extra allowance for sickness absence as a disabled person and all treatment. Read the TUC and in your case I suspect unison erbsite for info and join the union as a rep can attend with you and it is not stated you can take anyone other than a union rep or colleague in the Law so they may refuse your neighbour. Please private message for more info


Under Equality Act 2010 your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to allow you to continue in your job. But if the job involves lifting etc and it would not be possible for you to carry out the job as no adjustments are likely to enable you to continue or if the needed adjustments would be unreasonable, then they can look for another role for you that does not involve heavy work. You need to get advice from an employment adviser, free from Citizens Advice


yes i have been told the only permanent reasonable adjustment is redeployment to another role within the trust i work for.

The meeting was positive and everything explained to me outlining my options and choices

Been advised that it would prob be best for me to remain on the sick till my next MRI result in case it changes anything with regard to the roles i could be put forward to,also they will look into if there are enough hours and light manual jobs within my present role i could be doing in the mean time.

so now have to ring my GP up next week to explain the position i am in and ask for an extended sick note prob for another month at least.

Have another meeting with them all in one months time to catch up on progress of the ongoing procedure.

They were happy to let me take a old work friend to listen in and take notes for me she also had past experience with HR and sickness policies so was helpful and she also said it seemed like they were going to help as much as posssible.


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