My first Reclast treatment

Had the reclast Nov 2 last Thursday and am getting used to the difference. I have no pain, its a strange sensation, I can tell where the pain is, but its like its behind a curtain and I do not feel the full force of the pain. I did have fatigue, and a little flu like symptoms but after 3 days I felt really good for the first time in years. I am hopeful that this will continue.

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  • Excellent! It will take a couple of months to have its full effect.

  • It will get better? I have energy again and the pain is so much better. Tell me what happens in two months?

  • The benefits just keep on going for a few months as it takes a while to fully reach your bone cells :)

  • the pharmacist who bought the bag of reclast in the room for me said that it begins to work immediately, and that in two days a blood test would show it was working, So interesting

  • Yes, it will start to work immediately but does take a while to have its full effect. We can explain more fully if you contact our Helpline:

  • Have no idea what that is but sounds like good news, I am happy for you : )

  • Reclast is an infusion of Zoledronic Acid - currently the most recommended treatment

  • Oh okay, thanks, I have that but did not know that it was called that.

  • Great news, hopefully, others will see your post and have faith in the treatment.

  • Almost two weeks later and still feeling good from the reclast. I am so glad, just wished I had the opportunity to have it sooner

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