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The Roller Coaster Ride

Am new here, my fight / journey has really just begun ( Aug 2014 ). Thankfully my symptoms are not that bad yet, spleen enlarged 26cm. minor aches, but can deal with that. My Journey is finding a Dr (PCP) and Onc who understand this illness and is willing to help. Right now I am on State Issued Insurance, have no General Dr, and have been cut from my Onc, because the health care at Charity Hospitals on my side of the state have been cut. So, other than dealing with the day to day issues of this, I have to deal with the health system ignoring us. There are no support groups in my area, and the AM Cancer Society, and Leukemia Society will not help me either, but they do have some nice information. As long as I can keep this positive attitude, I think I will be ok. Best to all..

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Hi there! Thanks for introducing yourself and we hope we can be a source of support and information. Love your positive attitude so keep it up :)