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Shortness of breath & Fatigue Question

Dear friends.  I know many or most of you suffer from fatigue. For many of you its debilitating.    I've never thought I had it but now I'm afraid maybe I do and the disease is progressing. For the past two years things can tire me out that wouldn't have in the past. It's not frequent or daily but it's happening more often.  It's most apt to occur if I've been on my feet too long (standing and talking to a neighbor for 45 minutes, walking in the grocery store that long)  or being outside in hot & humid weather. For the past month or so I also get short of breath from those things so that people around me can hear me breathing hard.  Once I sit down I catch my breath within 3-5 minutes.   Can you please tell me if you have had this and if you know what it is?  It's not so bad it sends me to bed for hours like many of you experience so I'm not feeling sorry for myself as I know how lucky I am. I'm just trying to understand what it is.  (And yes Maz, I will be asking my doc when I see him in two weeks.)

Thanks Folks.  I'm so glad I have you to turn to, you have no idea how much it means. Katie

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Hi Katie, 

Thanks for sharing your experience and posting! I'm sure other patients will chime in on their experience too. I agree that talking to your doctor will be the best thing and maybe pacing yourself so you don't get out of breath too. 

Here are some videos that might be helpful until you hear from your doctor: 

One patient changed her diet and that helped her:

UK expert shares some advice:

The Fatigue Project (maybe you can get involved?)

Causes of fatigue:

Let me know if this helps! 

All the best, 



Thank you so much Theresa. As you probably noticed, you're the only one who has replied.  And you've given me a great gift by sending all these relevant, educational links. I do hope others reply. I'm especially confused by my panting from just standing and visiting.  Looking forward to the links, Thanks! Katie. 

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I'm so glad it helped Katie! Let me know if I can help in any other way! -Theresa