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Still no answers on going tests for myeloma, questioning Non-secterol myeloma

Hi everyone, well as you know I am still going through tests and scans, first X-ray showed multiple collapsed vertebrae kyphosis of spin and degenatrive wear of lower lumber. I am no smoker don't Drink and never taken steroids, dextra scan came back for my age I was ok only a little under the red line, was told all bloods and urine were ok but my kidney function in the past has gone up and down, referred to haematologist sent me for contrast CT, at least 3 5mm pleural nodules, bulky thyroid and a lesion on my left femur, when I went back to see the consultant it was just a locum who appeared uninterested and just said you have had lots of bloods done and they appear OK a few spots on your lung we need to look at so I will send you for another CT and see you in 3 moths time, I asked why is my back that of an 80 year old he just said your getting old I am only 47, I left the room feeling deflated with no answers so I went back to my own GP who went through my CT results with me, on the results it said further investigation and to be closely monitored my doctor said i need a biopsy of the lesion on my femur and a isotope scan, I explained how frustrated I was she said wait UNTILL your next scan and come and see me, my next CT was just a normal CT of thoracic, went back to doctors she said the nodules are still there but have not got any bigger, but she then looked at my blood results as there was a red flag beside one of them and she said that's interesting, it was my Beta-2 microgobolin was raised and that this can be a marker for tumours and myeloma, she told me that I demand a isotope scan and biopsy on my next visit to consultants and if they don't give me one then she promises she will get me one, I appear to be getting no where fast, my arms are starting to ache bicep elbow joints can't carry anything heavy feeling like crap. Can my Beta-2 microgoulin be present and then go back to normal, I was once sent for a scan of my kidneys about 5 years ago as a doctor said I was in Renal failure but this settled back down, any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi Ziggs, I'm so sorry your doctors haven't been able to give you the answers you need. I know it must be very frustrating. However, it does sound like your own GP will make sure you get the isotope scan and biopsy if your consultants don't. She has your back! In the meantime, we are here for you!

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