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Thankyou Gwyn for your wonderful poem. Feel priviledged to receive it,

Thankyou everyone else for posting congratulations. It was good to share my happy day with you all.

Just wanted you all to remember that there is life and happiness in all shapes and forms when you are fighting cancer and not to give up enjoying it, all as they help you survive the bad days

Much love to you all


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You are very welcome Sue,I don't know whether you read my comment but the modern day 46th Anniversary is a personal poem (I researched this) as it hasn't got a particular day I read 45th is ivory, 46th is a personal poem so there you go best wishes to you both love x G x :-)


That's so typical of you Gwyn to put so much research and effort into these poems. It's a very special thing to have a poem of your own. I didn't know bout the Personal Poem for the 46th Anniversary.

Good to feel so much joy all round on the site today. xxx


Thank you Sue,

I did try to post your poem earlier...put it all on and then I went to post it disappeared so had to give up...I will do it again later...I went to have another attempt at the sofa without success..pity is good to spread a bit of happiness..I don't know whether you read the saga of me needing to fill in a migration form for my newborn (born in Wales) bet you didn't have to do that with your daughter haha but it was all true LOL x G x :-)


Gwyn, you mentioned earlier that you'd posted up more of your adventures in Wales but I couldn't find them anywhere. I'll take a look again. I've been a bit distracted today. We have a new grandson - born at 3:50 this afternoon. Mum, Dad and Baby doing well. Such exciting news! xxx


Wonderful news, how lovely for the family. What a blessing to have a new baby to cuddle

Love Wendy xx


We'll get down to London on Saturday to have a little cuddle. The first boy in our family. We have five daughters. A great blessing! xxx


Hi Annie,

What wonderful news, congratulations to the parents and of course grandparents.

Yes I posted it on Babs funny things we say blog but continueing on from the Welsh banter etc below yours and above Wendy's but I also noticed that we don't always receive notification and I wrote on the top Annie, Wendy and Jan but it has got a bit long that banter haha I only mention it because I know you would be interested in the Welsh versus English requirement at that time I'll say no more haha.

By the way I have posted your dog antics poem so first things first.

Such great news about the baby love x G x :-)


Oops it's silly things we say (nearly right) xx


Ah great I'll track down all your posts and the Sam Poem. You're a star Gwyn. I've been a bit distracted today as it is the day my twin grand-daughters spend the day with me.

A blessed day xxx


Well done Gwyn, and Sue for managing 46 years, and happy ones by the sound of it! Also for reminding us that Joy and pleasure do not disappear just because we have aquired this disease!

Love M



Got it in one Margaret!!!


yeah - that's so right Margaret!


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