How many recurrence could a clear cell ovarian cancer patient expect to happen to him during his life?

After my first surgery i had two recurrences. I had my fourth surgery four months ago and now im six years in this battle fighting to survive

But i do not know what is expecting me .

is there any new treatment to treat clear cell carcinome ovarian cancer third recurrences .

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  • I'm on my first recurrence for clear came back in early January and as such I'm platinum resistant and palliative. My treatment is also not working so has been stopped..

    There is a phase 2 clear cell trial going on now (nicch) or similar looking at a new drug for clear cell which is already used to (I think treat) another cancer.

    I was due to join that a couple of months ago but wasnot well enough.

    I truly believe that our individual genetic make-up has a big impact on how each woman will react

    Thinking of you

    Clare xx

  • I'm really sorry to read that your treatment has been stopped and hope they can get you onto something else asap

  • I am also clear cell OC either 1 or 2 c they weren't definite. At my check last week they told me if it recurs (I am currently NED) I would be a candidate for Zejula which is apparently a "hot" new drug that was just approved according to my team about a month ago in the US. It's a parp inhibitors which being BRCA negative and clear cell I didn't think would be of help to me but apparently we are now included in the group this can target. I know little else about it. Maybe others can weigh in? And maybe it's been around longer than a month in other areas?

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