Has anyone taken, or heard about the benefits of, oral pancreatic enzymes?

They are available in health food shops and have been researched by a Dr Gonzales from the US. He says that only the enzymes he manufactures have an anti cancer effect but they apparently help with digestion which in turn would be anti inflammatory and therefore help I imagine?? Anyone with any experience of these??

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  • Hi Hope. I have no experience of these but I would caution that anything you take should be passed by your Oncology team first. xxx Trish

  • Hi, I agree with Trish. There are many claims for things that are meant to have an 'anti- cancer' effect. I would personally always check with my oncologist before trying something. It's always possible that one of the ingredients could react badly with chemo.

    Zannah xxx

  • I agree with Trish and Zannah. Please check with your oncologist before taking anything. It may reduce the effectiveness of the chemotherapy.

    Love Mary xx

  • I agree that it's important to talk to your oncologist about other medication and vitamins, etc but also have found that many doctors either have little knowledge or interest in anything other than conventional medical treatment. I have tried many complementary and alternative treatments including gerson diet which includes a lot of pancreatic enzymes. I have never used then at the same time as having chemo and don't know if Dr Gonzales claim is true. The Penny Brohn cancer centre have doctors and nutritionists who may be able to give valid advice on this. Good luck with it. I have lived for 10 years and had 5 lots of chemo but recover well each time and an fit and healthy in between which I believe had been helped by using other treatments

    Francesca x

  • Thank you Francesca, your comments are really interesting.

    My acupuncturist has recommended the Gerson diet as an alternative to my second line of chemo but I am not sure I am brave enough to do it hence my thoughts to do the chemo and the pancreatic enzymes alongside. I will contact PB for advice. Many thanks again.

  • Francesca, what an interesting story and web page. I hope it will be helpful to others on the site . Hope , some great ideas and as others I would ask the oncology team as some things effect the chemo , I've heard , dy x

  • thanks Dyana, glad you found it useful. I need to update the website but most info is still current



  • Frances , just realised that I found your website by looking at your profile .

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