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Coffee morning Cork

I just want to thank June and Ruth for organising a lovely get together this lunchtime at The Clarion Hotel in Cork. Regrettably a few people were unable to attend due to the change in time. However we had a chat and a few laughs etc. I wonder are there other ladies out there reading these posts who are hesitant to attend the coffee mornings. Please do come along as it gives you a chance to meet other ladies having treatment or finished treatment and it gives me a sense of unity knowing I am not alone on this journey. Do keep an eye out for further meetings on the Ovacare Web Page you can be assured of a very warm welcome. Sending best wishes to anyone on treatment at the moment and to everyone else. We are here for you.

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Well said Suzuki, unfortunately the change in times as well as maintenance work been carried on on the Heuston to Cork rail line didn't help either. I absolutely love the Coffee Mornings and I have to say the first time I went to one I was very appreciative going in to what was a room full of strangers but within 30 seconds I was made so welcome and I have been to many since. For me to get there it means my husband has to drive me to the train station which is an hour away and I then have an hour and fifty minutes train journey but it is so worth it. So as Suzuki said if there are any Ladies out there please please come alone to the Coffee Mornings and Patients Days which are held in Cork and Dublin during the year, you don't have to come alone you can always bring someone with you and don't let distance stop you , it hasn't stopped me I travelled and attended even when I was on treatment and always came away feeling much happier . Kittie.


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