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Confused about fluid restriction

Hi all hope you are all doing well

My gfr is 7% and not on dialysis but have my fistula ready for action. For the last 15months I've been on fluid restriction of 1000mls and 160mg of diuretic. All was going well until the last 10 weeks and all I seem to do is gain fluid.

Saw my consultant Wednesday and now been restricted to 750mls and 240mg diuretic and have two weeks to lose the 8lbs.

What I'm finding confusing is when it comes to pasta, rice, risotto do I just avoid them completely as they absorb water and guessing this all counts if yogurts, jellys etc count.

How do you all get around this? or do you all measure how much is absorbed but weighting before and after cooking?

Any advice would be good as really want to get this fluid overload sorted

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For rice and pasta, I have a simple solution. Measure how much water you start with, say 500ml, then when the pasta/rice is coked drain the fluid and measure it. If you've got, say, 250ml left, you know it has absorbed 250ml. I don't measure it every time because I cook the same amount each time so I can know how much fluid it has absorbed. Good luck. You will be fine on dialysis after you have settled down and will feel heaps better than you must feel at 7%. I started when I was at 6% and I felt like death warmed up compared with now.