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Place a Pack Campaign

We are asking for your help to further raise the profile of our charity, the Oes...

OPA GORD Awareness

Acid Reflux (also called Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease, or GORD) is caused ...

Radar Key

The National Key Scheme, sometimes known as the RADAR Scheme, was developed beca...

Dual Purpose Card

Recognising that after surgery for oesophageal or gastric cancer, patients often...

OPA Leaflet

In this leaflet you will find information on Support Nationwide, One to one supp...

Notes for a Carer - Booklet

Caring for a cancer sufferer or survivor is not a time-limited commitment, for w...

The Patient's Pathway - Booklet

This gives a brief overview of the stages of pre-operative preparations followin...

OPA Recipes for When Food is a Problem - Booklet

This is a book of recipes and food ideas for people who may need to put on weigh...

Swallowing & Nutrition when it's difficult - Booklet

Possibly the greatest change to the lifestyle of the post-oesophagogastric surge...

A guide to life after surgery - Booklet

This is the OPA’s most comprehensive overview of the surgical operation and the ...

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the OPA Carer’s online forum! We’re very glad you have chosen to be...

Introduce yourself!

Why not leave a short comment below and introduce yourselves. Give as much or a...

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We are the world’s largest online support network, connecting you to others with...
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The OPA Carer's forum is an online community where you can talk to other carers who understand what you are go...

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