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B12 supplements

Hi all

Every three months I go to my GP to have a B12 injection, as following a total gastrectomy

and no stomach the body is unable to convert B12.

However, just noticed an ad for Methyl B-!2 lozenges which dissolve under the tongue, entering the blood stream direct, not via the digestive system Obviously will ask my doctor about these, but thought I would ask if anyone else has any info or tried this way of supplementing B12 rather than injections

Best to all..

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This could be worth thinking about!

As I understand it (and not medically qualified) taking pills under your tongue means that they get absorbed through the membranes / veins under your tongue ad direct into the bloodstream rather than going through your digestive system (which works more rapidly for most people visiting this site).

So this could be a useful hint for quite a lot of different medication and supplements. But this method might affect the strength needed.

We would be really interested to hear what your doctor advises!


Had my injection yesterday, it would be interesting to know more about this lozenge.


I'm currently having three monthly B12 injections. I will ask my GP aboout the lozenges next

time i see her. Please let us know how you get on with them.


Yes please let us know. I have not been diagnosed as low in B12 but am so tired all the time that maybe I am just borderline so would be really interested in a lozenge.



interesting research on this very subject at


but of course, as with all things, check with your doctor.


There is also a bit of comment in the newspapers about people being low in B12 because of lack of exposure to sunlight, but the scale of that is probably entirely different. But it does underline the importance of monitoring these levels.


This is a very much more complex matter than appears at first sight.I would recommend great caution to anyone contemplating any change to their existing treatment regime.

I am preparing a research report which I hope to complete with the next month.


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