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Trying 35% hydrogen peroxide Foodgrade

Hi ,

I have copied the posting I made this morning on british lung foundation Blog


I'm a Medicinal chemist and this post did intrigue me, so I've done some research this morning and the following link


provides links to a number of publications in quality medical/scientific journals.

To cut a long story short the benefits are similar to those people look for in taking Co enzyme Q10.

There is also a sugested regime with discussion of "side effects" and what to do if they occur.

Me and mine will definately be going this route.

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Sorry I forgot to say. We are going to try this with my Dad. 3 weeks after initial presentation Dad was told on friday that his gastric cancer cannot be operated on.. so we are looking at a few months.

How ever other him not being bothed about eating, he only feels tired, but the cancer team confirmed this may be mainly due to the lack of nutrients he is consuming.He is prepared to try everything to try to build himself back up, improve his quality of life and make what ever time he has left the best he possibly can.


I think that your father has the right attitude - we have to make the best of what life we have, regardless of how long we have on this earth, and we wish you all well in what are going to be challenging times.

The body absorbs nutrition through the digestive system and it is always worth checking on nutrition and mineral levels. Sometimes tiredness can be due to lack of iron / vitamin B12 which is produced by the top part of the stomach - or something that prevents the absorption process from working properly

Personally I have never heard about the hydrogen peroxide food grade you mention - but that does not mean anything. The cancer world is not short of people who swear by various remedies and strategies and I sincerely hope that it is successful. All medication / chemicals going into the body will have some effect and probably a counter-effect.

If it is possible to enlist some form of medical supervision or advice in the process I think it would be a valuable thing for you. The OPA has a policy of ensuring that any advice and information we give has medical approval, which may, or may not, be forthcoming in this case.


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