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What vitamins and supplements do people take?

I am 2 years post op and eating reasonably well. I am aware though that my diet is not that balanced, for example I don't eat as much fruit as I used to - apples stick in my throat. Also I am concerned about calcium intake, I know that my bone density is not great. I just wondered whether anybody had advise about vitamens etc,


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I have almost forgotten what fruit is and veg is not well tolerated either so not eaten in great quantities to put it mildly! I take cod liver oil, B vitamins and Boots vitamin supplement for serious dieters, which seems to have everything in it.I have a blood test every 6 months to make sure the B12 is still being absorbed.



Early days yet. I do take cod liver oil to keep body moving but otherwise nothing. Calcium may be worth asking GP about. Apples are inclined to stick so I peel off the skin and cut up in very small pieces. A lot depends on each individual. Good luck.



I take a multi vitamin like Multibionta or a Boots version , a Berrocca or the Boots version of it, and a spoon of a liquid omega 3/6/9 oil. Some days I forget or run out but I do try to take them most days. I think the B vits and oil really do help to keep the brain fog at bay.

My op was 10 years ago so maybe they have helped.



It might be worth having a test for vitamin and mineral levels (sometimes the health food stores do them, but I think you can also have them done in the NHS).

If you take PPI medication for a long time (eg omeprazole; lansoprozole) there is an issue about your body absorbing calcium and a potential osteoporosis issue, so the bone density scan is indeed worth doing so that you medication to hopefully stop it getting too bad can be prescribed.


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