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Food Diaries

We are quite often mentioning food diaries as something useful to do to try and help work out what is causing most trouble ad havoc to our systems. Food diaries are one of those things that do not have to be in any particular format, but we have been thinking that it would be helpful to have a specimen for people to use and to adapt as they wish.

So you can now download the diary page from opa.org.uk/edit/files/facts...

Do let us know how you get on with it and if you have any suggestions for improving it!

And if you feel you don't have a need for it, that is even better!

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This is great Alan. Food diaries can really help discover those problematic foods.


I bought a notebook and it has been a great aid as i have short term memory loss (accident 12 years ago).

i started writing everything down that went in my mouth...not enough, i know, but soon it recorded what came back out, whether just food, or food and acid, and i also record effects of medication i am given.

This has been great for me to spot what is good and what is not so i can try different things, and keep a triger list in the back. It is great for my 'shoppers' as well as they know what to get me and what not, after a huge pile of food was destroyed simply as i didnt eat it or i would have been ill.

I will look at the link and see if it is simpler to read than my book which has everything on one page. I have yet to find a diary to record everything separatly though. Thanks for the link alan. Hope my consultant can understand it when i take mine with me on xmas eve for my appointment... ;-)


That is brill...far better than mine, will be printing that off and using it. Thanks so much.


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