Answers at last

Answers at last

I only found this site on Friday thanks to my newslatter from OPA, and it has answered so many questions that I have floating round in my head. I have spent an interesting few hours reading the Q and A sections. I think my husband is getting a bit fed up with my 'listen to this, it's exactly what I have been experiencing!' But the joy of finding I am not alone or imagining what is happening to me is wonderful.

I have just read an interesting article on 'Coping'. And I just can't believe how the doctor who wrote it knew exactly what I was going through. LOL!

I wish I had known about the OPA website when I had my surgery 15 months ago, but I have found it now, and I am sure is going to be a great help in my recovery .

Thank you to all you guys who answered my question about not feeling hungry.

Thank you OPA you have been a God send, keep up the good work.


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  • So pleased that you have found all this useful! We probably ought to have another one for the husbands/spouses!

    We were not quite sure about it when we heard about HealthUnlocked, but thought that it was worth trying because we know there are quite a lot of people who either cannot come to support meetings, or have questions when there is not a meeting in prospect anyway, or perhaps prefer to ask questions online.

    Glad you have joined us!


  • I'll second the comment above. I've used several other discussion boards, both in the UK & the USA. This one is clear & easy to find information. I just received my OPA newsletter in the post today, an unexpected bonus. I shall be buying some of the Christmas cards.

  • Yes Fred and this site is so easy to negotiate, I have been on other sites that just lost me.

    I have already sent my order off for Christmas cards, they do look nice.

    My husband did two marathons and ran Hadrians Wall this year for oesophageal research, so lets hope they find a cure soon.


  • Hi,

    I had my op in June last year so we may be on the same path physically. Its a real lifestyle change isn't it.I went froma 14-16 to now a 10-12!Oh well, don't need to go to WW! Dont forget to get regular blood tests, I became very aneamic but luckily I didn't need iron injections as some do and responded well to iron medicine.Now ok. I also take vitamin supplements as my hair and nails became fragile due to such poor eating habits and diet. I still find it hard to eat enough and properly though! Never was a "foodie" anyway. My best wishes,


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