13 Months Post Op and its back

Devastated. 13 months post op making steady progress but the CT scan revealed cancer all over the liver, in base of stomach and in coeliac axis artery. Treatment not an option. Chemo offered but would only extend survival by about a month. Suggested I have 4-6 months but of course very difficult to assess. Staying positive at the moment. Already wonderful support from family and friends. Not posted to create anxiety but to share the fact this can happen.

Terry B

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  • Terry

    You have had to listen to the words we all dread and I feel for you and your family at this time. The time you have will be decided by your body and not statistics. I know you will be anxious about leaving your family but you must do what you need to do to get through and achieve a good as possible quality of life. There will always be good and bad outcomes so don’t apologise for telling you situation as it is. There are no better people than here to fully understand what you are going through and be with you in thought. Below is something I wrote some time ago-

    ~Wasted moments~

    I am neither a spring flower nor a mighty oak, I am just a man with frailty of life, it’s not the time I have but the journey that counts, regrets for the future of what might have been are what the reaper leaves behind as unfinished business, cast aside regrets and trivial things, say the things you have to say, share the things you have share and live your journey to the end.

    May your strength keep you,


  • Hi Terry

    I'm gutted to hear of your news. I know I can't offer you anything more than support. I know from my own experiences that keeping everything to yourself isn't good for you or your nearest and dearest. Getting your family and friends involved will give you the chance to assess and deal with what your body is telling you without trying to hide it.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow".


  • Hi Terry

    Steve and Mark have expressed what we all feel for you very well. We all feel for you and your family and our thoughts and prayers are with you

    Best wishes


  • Hi Terry I cannot express how sorry I am for you.We all dread what has happened to you.My thoughts are with you and your family. Best wishes to you and your family. Sandra.

  • Candy and I are desperately sad to read your news, Terry. Our thoughts are with you both Terry & Trish, and all your friends and family.

    John in Grantham

  • So sorry mate. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Really sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing it with us. Like everyone else here I'll be thinking of you and wishing there was something I could do. x

  • I'm really sorry to hear your news Terry, its the one thing we all dread. My thoughts are with you and your family.


  • Terry, thanks for sharing and please try to enjoy the rest of your life (no matter how long), only last week my 38 year old much loved godson collapsed and died playing football, which only reminded me to say each day 'make the most of what I have today' with love and prayers for peace. Bernadette

  • Terry you are amazing!! To stay so positive and strong!!

    The rest of what I wanted to write has already been said.

    My thoughts are with you and your good family and friends.

  • Sorry to hear your sad news.

    Treasure all your moments with your family and friends.

    My thoughts are with you, your family and friends.

  • Hi Terry,

    sad to say I am in a similar position. If you want to "chat" anytime? Meanwhile, my very best wishes and a large HUG!

    Charlie x

  • What can anyone say to help you and your family, its love and kind thoughts, from everyone here,






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