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Coughing when eating

Hi Everyone

I asked a question a few months ago about coughing when I eat. I was advised by some of you to speak to my clinicain, which I did, and he said he would arranged a barium swallow. It took the xray dept 3 months to give me an appointment, when I had the swallow they could see a small lump and evidence that food was backing up there, so causing the coughing. I then went to see my clinician who immediately booked me in for an endoscopy on Monday. He said chances are it is scar tissue, which I am sure it is and a dilitation will sort it out. But I do think 3 months is a long time to wait when time could be of the essense.

Anyway thank you guys, always good to know I can ask a question and get immediate good advice.

Edwina xx

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Thanks for letting us know, Edwina. Scar tissue does create problems, and hopefully it will be sorted out soon.



Good luck on Monday Edwina. Here's to a good result and goodbye cough!



Hi Edwina

Scar tissue can be a problem. A few years ago I had a bit of a problem swallowing, I had an endoscopy and it turned out to be scar tissue causing it. Anyway good luck on Monday.

Kind Regards



Good luck later on today Edwina and hopefully everything will be better for you.


hiya i had a similar condition to yourself I had a barium swallow and it was found to be a stricture ( narrowing of the site due to scar tissue ) the hospital put down a endoscope with an expandable end under local anesthetic. It worked a treat and I am fine now, but I was advised to contact my hospital if I was to get the same symtoms in the future


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