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Market Research with patients with nutritional deficiency

We have heard indirectly from Zoë Baker from Gillian Kenny Associates, a medical market research study based in Gloucestershire, and I am passing this on for anybody who is interested in this topic - which is a hot one for some of you.

They are currently conducting market research interviews with patients who have been unwell, within the last 12 months, and were under the care of a health care professional for a nutritional deficiency. Patients must have been prescribed / recommended meal replacements / meal supplements bars or shakes to supplement their diet (not including to vitamins or tablets). Patients need to be aged 40-79 years of age.

Examples of the nutritional meal replacements / bars or shakes they are looking for patients to be on are listed below:

Calogen (Nutricia)

Complan (Danone/Heinz)

Clinutren (Nestle)

Ensure Plus (Abbott)

Fortisip (Nutricia)

Fresubin (KABI)

Procal (VitaFlo)

Resource (Nestle)

Please note theyare not looking for patients suffering from an eating disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa.

Consenting patients will be required to take part in a Face to Face interview lasting 60 minutes with a qualified interviewer at a time convenient to the patient between 12th and 20th March in the London or Essex area.

Please, be aware that these interviews will be audio taped for analysis purposes only.

The patient would receive an incentive of £35.00 cash for his or her involvement in the study. There will also be a finder's fee payable to a charity like the OPA.

GKA are particularly interested in the patients’ views on this subject, and stress that any personal data collected during the interview will be treated confidentially. All responses remain anonymous and you have the right to withdraw at any stage of the research.

GKA stress that patient confidentiality is paramount to them, and they would be grateful if anybody is interested that they contact Zoe Baker direct.

Zoë Baker

Fieldwork Manager


mailto: zoebaker@gilliankenny.com tel: 01594 515100)

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