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What helps diarrhoea

Had ivor Lewis 4 years ago and has been

a persistant problem since

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Hi - this just caught my eye as I am 9 years now post op and I was up again in the night last night with diarrhoea! It has definitely got better over the years in that I don’t have as many episodes but I have come to terms with the fact that it is part of me! I find avoiding chocolate, or too much cheese and bread does help - although I love all of them! I went to the doctors a few years ago to get it checked out as I was concerned and had a colonoscopy which was all clear - I would recommend you get checked out - I am sure it is just part of having this operation but it gave me piece of mind

Best wishes


Whit1 in reply to Rowland

Hi Rowland.I am Brian I am over my app now for 13+years I to have been suffering for diarrhoea for the whole time and to this day still it gets really bad sometimes I have gotten every test under the sun and All clear last time Doctor said I cant do any thing more for you (that was great news Ah) I got two colonscope tests along the way aswell,Iam going now 7March to get my ultrasound.? this had been arranged back on 2019 by my GP.So we just have to live with what we have .I also am a coeliac ,we thought may be this had been problem but I am a VERY stick coeliac, All the best for the future.

Any tips to relieve nausea? My husband 18 months post op , lost 5 stone , suffers with diarrhoea , stomach pain , but finds the constant nausea worse than anything else. He has prochlorpremazine for nausea which is not very effective, & in hospital had every anti sickness drug going ! I just don’t know how to help him any more . After spending 6 months in hospital on life support for 5 of those months , he is grateful to still be here against the odds, but this is challenging . The consultant doesn’t seem to have answers & is arranging a colonoscopy, which my husband reluctant to go through right now!

Oh gosh - the feeling of nausea is really awful and especially if it is constant! I was very, very sick for several months after the op and still get bouts of nausea 9 years later. Over time I learnt the things that would make me feel ill and to be honest it is the same as what gives me diarrhoea- bread, chocolate, cake, too much cheese, full fat milk are the main causes. Also eating too much - little and often is better. I didn’t find any medication that helped - it is foodmanagement. If I have a hot drink I have before food so for instance I will have a tea in the morning before I eat breakfast- the other way around make me feel sick. Always let food settle before moving after meals and it is initially hard to know when you are full - you lose that ability so can overeat so easily which will also make you feel sick. I have substituted crisp breads for bread which suit me fine for lunch . Although not necessarily good for you I can eat crisps no problem - nothing too sweet at all. I really hope the nausea will settle for your husband and for you as you will feel helpless - even if he can get to a point where it becomes less and less it will be so much better. Sending lots of positive thoughts to you both - Julie

Thank you Julie , that does help. Hot drinks are a no go, also bread. I think I may give slightly too big portions , so I must cut down even though toddler sized meals. He hates being in a ‘meal timetable’ as he puts it , but if I didn’t do this he wouldn’t even think about eating! We will persevere . Thank you for good advice.

Hi - I am 5yrs on and suffer from constant nausea and zero appetite - nothing works for me and I was in hospital with it where they tried every cocktail of drugs there was but nothing worked and I’ve been through every anti nausea tablet there is via my GP - I have finally accepted I am going to have to live with it - I have phases where I can’t get off the sofa - also if I’m extremely tired it’s worse - I find a morning walk every day helps me with it and sets me up for the day - I’m also very active and outside most days which I think helps to - as for the eating I have had to completely re train my brain to manage it and it’s very regimental now - I also haven’t managed to put on any weight since my surgery - I’m sorry that your husband has this and I hope in time it eases for him - all the best

Thanks for reply . I too am a big believer in getting outside for fresh sir & exercise. I do try to encourage my husband to do this, but he feels weak ( lack of muscle) & suffers with depression & ptsd, a legacy of ICU. I think if consultant said , this is your new normal & that’s all we can do , then he could get his head around it & start accepting his life as it is. But consultant always says , let’s try this, let’s try that etc!

The latest thing is a suggestion of bacterial overload in gut, so antibiotics which will result in more diarrhoea & nausea .

I know from all your experiences that this is what happens after IL for the majority of survivors.

It does actually help knowing that there’s nothing drastically wrong , just miserable for the you all that have these symptoms

Best wishes. Rose.

Hi Rose - you’re right - it wasn’t until I was 3yrs on and at my annual clinic I said to my consultant - will my appetite ever come back and will this nausea ever go away - when he looked at me and said not now - then I knew I had to start accepting it and cope with it - I have PTSD to but I got back into my hobby which takes me outside most the day and helps - it is a long journey - hang in there - all the very best x

Thank you for you advice! 🤗

Hi there my op nearly 5 years ago. I take creon with my meals and a vitamin with priobotics . Apart from the odd dumping it has worked. I had all the tests for lacto intolerance ,SIBO all came back negative.

Might be worth speaking with your Gp or consultant.

Also certain foods I can’t eat ice cream ,yogurt ,full fat milk and high fat meats.

Hope you find something.

Best Wishes


Hi Kenny - I go through phases of diahorrea and I’m 5yrs on - haven’t found a real cause other than new plumbing - I manage things with Imodium as recommended by consultant and GP - works very well - if you’re worried about it best get checked - all the best

Hi Kenny

I fully sympathies and appreciate what you are experiencing, as I too have had the same issues which, as you know only too well, can be debilitating and worrying and even embarrassing.

I’m nearly 9 years post op and whilst we fellow suffers expect issues at the beginning of this journey we don’t appreciate that some symptoms can last for years, I certainly didn’t.

However, I’ve just about cracked my diarrhoea problem by changing and supplementing my diet. Having tried umpteen different methods of trying to eliminate the diarrhoea I eventually did the following:- Firstly I started following a low Glycemic diet, e.g. details can be found online. Secondly my Upper GI Consultant advised taking a pro-biotic every day. He recommended one called Bio-Kult which seems to work for me. It’s available from most Health Food shops, but it’s cheaper to buy from Amazon.

Touch wood, I rarely have diarrhoea now other than if I stray from the foods I know that effect me such as too much fat.

Try it for your self and see if, like me, it makes a difference.

Good luck.

hunsdon in reply to MFH28

Brilliant reply and ditto to all of what you have spoken about , I am 10 years and still occasionally have the odd dumping syndrome but we are all still here helping others as best we can !! Great group xx❤️

Thank you so much will try your remedies and fingers crossed one of them will work

JDMC16 in reply to kennyliston

I find biscuits that have ginger in help like the lotus 1's that Edin Hazzard used to advertise

Are you taking omeprazole? If so, it can cause diarrhoea in a small percentage of patients, in which case, talk to your GP about switching to a different PPI.

Hi , I am 31 months post esophagectomy ( why do I still have problems spelling this 😂😂)

In the early days, I had terrible dumping syndrome and bouts of diarrhoea (had to copy and paste the spelling of this too 😂😂). Today my bowels are very healthy and what I would say normal. Although more frequent than before. Foods that I now avoid: Dairy, & Meat Although I'm not vegetarian my diet has somewhat become this way by default. The things that will cause me to have diarrhoea now, are dairy( milk & cheese) consumption of anything with high sugar content( hot chocolate is a killer) and greasy/fried food - fish and chips is the worse, so only have that on special occaisons now. I also take tumeric tablets and have found they have definitely helped with my digestion & bowel movements.

I get them from here as they are a good quality and with a high strength :


Good Luck


Hi I am post op 14 years this march had part of the oesophagus and all the stomach taken my lower bowel acts as one. I had bad problem from the get go had that many tests saw a top specialist in this field a chart write down everything daily what I ate, drank, time, how often I went colour of my stool. The outcome an overactive bowel.

It was tough and hard going the first few years tried to work out what if any certain food caused it, got down and fed up at times feeling rough on and off the loo drained, accidents not get there on time clean up. Wind lethal! Promise you it does get better with time learn to live with our new workings body.

Give you funny, positive my grandson potty training give him hard time naughty boy pood your pants. Follows me in the bathroom on the loo cleaning up "Naughty Nanny pood yourself" Gave up trying to explain I smacked my leg agreed he went marching off happy put a smile on my face! Good luck! Lots of happy days a head!!

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