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Another update on pete


Hi all you lovely people on hear I hope you are all well and safe

This last week has been kind to Pete he was doing very well he was back siting in the chair again and he was on Thursday given sips of water Friday he had a jelly and Saturday they gave him hot milk and a yoghurt then Saturday afternoon he got a very high temperature and they had to get the doctor out to him the doctor told them to take feeding bag down as they thought it was that was causing the problem Saturday night his temperature was still very high so off for a xray to make sure he didn't have infection in his chest that was fine Sunday morning still very high temperatures so off for a c t scan that showed he had a leakage in his esophagus again so now he is back to nill by mouth and back on oxygen they are still giving him antibiotics and protein drip and feeding him with feeding tube he says hes not in pain and he doesn't feel I'll hes just hoping he will be able to continue to get sat in the chair as his legs will just seize up he is fed up obviously but I keep telling him he will be better and home soon x

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Hi Valerie glad to hear they have found what seems to be the problem hopefully his temperature will come down and he will resume getting back to a state of health whereby he can sit up at the side of the bed xx

It’s such a rollercoaster ride, for both of you. It’s is so good that you are both in a positive frame of mind, it really is what gets patients through this surgery . I hope the leak closes soon & that Pete feels much better. Which hospital did he have is surgery in? ( if in UK). My husband had his Ivor Lewis in Southampton University Hospital, where his care was truly amazing , they kept treating him against the odds, I was told too many times that he wouldn’t survive, but he has!

So keep strong! X

Hi Val and Pete, yes ups and downs............but keep your spirits up, he is over the difficult bit, the op, and there will be steps back from time to time, then big steps forward.


It’s all a bit of one step forward then another back. But he is getting there. Very few of us sail through, he is doing well tho I doubt he thinks so at the moment. Everything crossed he comes home soon. I am glad he wants to sit up and move around that’s good. Wish him well and hug for you Lizzy

Ahh bless him. Hopefully it will heal soon. Least he will get nourishment from the feed. I was unable to get anything down for 3.5 weeks, then i had a stretch. We are all different. Stay positive and well

Best Wishes


Prayers continuing. It’s not an easy path to walk. Keep your courage up!


Hi Valerie

Wishing you and Pete all the very best.

Hope he continues to improve.

Kind regards


I do hope things are improving,it really is a roller coaster.

Please keep us updated.

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