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Nausea and vomiting 1 1/2 years on from IL

Had a tummy bug about a month ago and my system hasn’t settled since. Really miserable, bringing back food/dry retching, really bad trapped wind sometimes and reflux. Anyone else suffered post tummy bug?

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Hi Valerie,

I got a tummy bug that I couldn’t shift 5 years after my op. I lost over a stone in weight very quickly. Found i had cramps after nearly every meal, was often sick, and horrid bad egg tasting wind. I was advised by my doctor to go back to very small meals, took a probiotic, plain food drink ginger tea, and I had series of blood tests and was prescribed an iron tonic and took a multi vitamin.

He said I needed to treat my digestive system a bit like I did in the beginning after the op and get it to calm down and relearn again! Sounds crazy but it did work and I put the weight back on in 9 months.

Check with your doctor for a blood test and maybe stool test if they haven’t done one already.

Pm me if you want

Hugs Lizzy

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Hi Lizzie thank you so much for your reply. Going to speak to my nurse next week, but it’s funny my system does feel like it did in the early days after the op, so I will try what you did. I had got used to eating well and feeling fortunate not to have many problems, but at the moment it’s awful. So perhaps a reboot is what’s needed. Did you use a particular probiotic? X


Hi Valeriejane,

I did use one for a month prescribed by my consultant (sorry I can’t remember the name but it was expensive) and then I went on to actimel whenever I got reflux, I still take one upstairs to bed with me in case I get reflux and gaviscon doesn’t work.

Good luck and It was a much quicker journey back to where I was once my system had calmed itself down. I am now watching my weight!!

Cheers Lizzy


I think I’ll take the pressure off regarding the eating and go back to the simple little and often meals. Have been getting in a right tizz around food - it’s a vicious circle. Even bought ice lollies yesterday which always went down well when I was feeling sick! Shame it’s freezing outside.


I still tend to just graze, i have decided food is a bit like alcohol, if I eat too much at once I

will suffer for a while, probably get dumping, a bit like a hangover. I found taking the pressure off and eating what i fancied when i wanted actually ment I started to enjoy food again and it wasnt a chore. I still sometimes forget to eat and then if it goes on for more than a few days I set an alarm which says cheese, (its a food that needs no prep and I can buy a selection of and nibble on). it goes off mid morning and mid afternoon reminding me to eat even if its just a couple of biscuits it soon gets my strength back. enjoy the ice lollies I have mini magnums hidden in my freezer Hugs Lizzy


I have spells of vomiting every morning. Before Christmas I vomited every morning for 6 weeks. Eventually it just settled down. I decided that maybe I wasn't eating enough, that maybe lack of food to act on was causing excess acid? I'm 22 months post op and its still all hit and miss....


Spoke to my specialist nurse again today and she has referred me for an endoscopy (joy) so they can check what’s going on. Of course my mind goes to the worst scenario. But She says it could be any number of things and I might need a dilation. Have felt a little less nauseous today and have gone back to my post op, what I fancy diet. It’s all such a pain. Thanks for sharing your experiences- it really helps. X


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