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Non Operatable

It was confirmed on 8th August’s that I have oesophageal cancer and on 30th August it was stage 4.

I found this group and most of the post I have seen are post surgery post not many if any for non operable.

Is the group for people that have surgery only?

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Hi, look for Charlie's Circle on this site I'm sure this site will be more helpful to you.

Wishing you all the best on your journey




Not at all, we are all here to support each other. Message me if you can.

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Hi here is the link to Charlies circle which may be more helpful


But you are welcome here too

Take care Lizzy

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No I’m sure you are most welcome. I’ve had most of my problems post op. I had stage 2 Oesophagus Cancer. Had 2 months of chemo then the op. I’ve had some very good advice on here so just ask. Someone will be going through the same diagnosis as you.

Good luck with. Everything x

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This site's for everyone. There's a wealth of knowledge and support here, whether you need advice or just need to vent. Sending every good wish your way...


That’s a tough call but I suspect that there is still hope. I was just T3 but the new FLOTprotocol zapped it really well. Good luck. Tanktank


What is FLOT?


FLOT is the chemo used for OESOPHAGEAL CANCER. It’s a fairly new regime. Google FLOT Chemo for more details. Tanktank


Hello, I was diagnosed with stage 4, metastases to the liver a year ago. After chemo it appeared operable and I had the surgery, so far I'm clean. Don't give up, never know how it'll turn out.

Best Wishes

Al Nowosielski


My is lymph nodes away from Oesophageus, hence non operatable.


Hi There,

every one here gives sound advice, mostly from gained experience and of course you are more than welcome.

Don't always take their diagnosis as gospel, and don't think there is no treatment or chance for you, PUSH them for what treatments other than surgery are available and start looking into dietary factors and maybe even cannabis oil. Look outside of the medical profession, others have successfully.

I read about one person who had overcome what seemed to be the impossible, so even though I know it's easier for me to say as I am a post surgery survivor but don't give up and if necessary shout, but don't sit back and do nothing.

Get reading on the internet about helping fight the cancer with diet and most importantly good luck and keep your chin up. I'm thinking big positive thoughts for you and if I can help with advice or research let me know.

Best wishes Richard

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Message me


This group is for sharing any info to help any one with this disease I am six months post op but I had the surgery as an extra, that is I had great success with a lot of other therapies that have the cancer a good walloping before I had the surgery. Admittedly my tumor, adenocarcenoma of the lower eosophegus, never got past stage two, but I believe it's never to late and everything is worth a try. I am talking about a multi pronged approach with herbal and vitamin supplements on top of chemo and radiation coupled with a radical Keto diet. You will have to find a naturopathic doctor that will work with the mainstream chemo and radiation people. They do this stuff in Germany and Asia all the time but the conservatives in U.K., USA and Aust are a slow mob to change. Lookup the following info and you will have some options

Dr Valter Longo University Southern California, the Turkish Cancer Protocol and a clinic in Thailand called Vitalife., Not sure if spelling is correct on this one I will check later. Don't hesitate To email me direct on colinjones444@gmail.com

Good luck

Colin Jones

Mudgee NSW Aust


Hi In June 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer of oesophagus. Next few weeks they found 6 cancers in lymph glands and also in liver (small). I was told it was stage 4 inoperable. I should have had 6 rounds of chemo but was too ill to continue.only had 3 rounds of chemo. After every one I finished up in hospital with sickness and the runs. When I was in hospital the last time I was told that my last scan showed the cancers were not active. I don't know why me, the doc said 5% of patients react like I did. I am just so very glad to be alive. I am very short of breathe, I think the treatment which was very hard did something to my lungs/heart. My energy levels are low. I get back ache a lot. There are new treatments coming available all the time. I had capecitlabine and cisplatin which are old drugs. So don't give up, which I nearly did when the going was hard. You could be one of the 5% like me.


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