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SLEEP zzzzzzz. What's your position?

In the heroic contortions that lots of us go through attempting to avoid night-time reflux we probably have given little or no thought as to what those gyrations may be doing to our skeletons, in particular the spine.

Here is an excellent video which outlines some of the important principals - what can inadvertently go wrong and the simple measures which will provide correction and protection.

Sadly I doubt that there will be many who will be able to follow the suggestions directly; nevertheless it may stave off yet more discomforts in future if we bear in mind such issues as neck support and alignment of major joints, when we build our nests.

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Thanks! The video is very informative. It's my husband who's about to have the oesophagectomy but I am very slowly recovery from a frozen shoulder (have just had hydrodilatation and now having physio) and have had lots of neck/lower back pain too. From this video I can see that I'm doing all the wrong things! So, must try and remedy this.

Anyone know where I can buy a thinner pillow for my head? I have recently bought 4 new ones and they are all too thick and fluffy!! There must be some available out there but can't find anything - even on Amazon!

Thanks, Kate


Morning Kate

I don't know whereabouts in the country you are but in London (Angel-Islington) there is a foam store which will cut memory foam (or any other type) to your order.

Is this any good........see the small size..............


Neck Roll......


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Thank you so much! Very helpful and kind of you. We live in Norfolk so it's a bit far to Islington! Looked at the website of Cosysco though - looks ideal, apart from the price! Will do a bit more research and ask my physio for advice too before I invest that amount in a pillow.

Very grateful for your help though as I hadn't thought to look for special neck pillows. Kate


I loved the video - very no nonsense and clearly demonstrated .

I am acutely aware of the negative effects on my spine ,my back ,my neck ,and my poor bottom that sleeping in a semi upright position has.

I so wish that somebody with professional expertise would look at this in a general sense with the aim of suggesting ways to mitigate the damage caused by sleeping in such an unnatural position .

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Quite interesting. Perhaps it would be helpful for oesophagectomy patients to be given similar advice regarding sleeping positions for trying to help prevent night time reflux while at the same time preventing possible joint problems in the future.....


Very interesting video for normal position sleepers but doesn't really help most of us who have to sleep upright as Laverock says would be good to have similiar advice for these positions although I doubt there is anything one can do as it is never flat for sure. Will pass the video on to my family though. Rob


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