EGJ Outfow Obstruction_ Anyone else????

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this post. I have been diagnosed with EGJ Outflow Obstruction of the esophagus. Some doctors think it is a variation of achalasia . But doctors do not know how to treat it. I have one doctor recommending POEM surgery, and one doctor thinks I should get botox injection in to the esophagus. Does anyone else have this condition and how were you treated??? I also have hashimotos. Sandy

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  • Achalasia is rare, but if you want to find out a bit more about it, try dowloading 'A Patient's Guide to Achalasia' from the Oesophageal Patients Association website towards the bottom of this page:

    Your thyroid problem may well be a complication so it is is not surprising that the doctors are unsure about things. The normal tests are high resolution manoetry and a barium swallow (sometimes a timed swallow test) and an endoscopy that you have probbaly had already.

    The botox injection might provide some relief, but it might not last for a long time. Do you suffer from painful spasms?

  • I've been having BOTOX for 6 years it works very well couldn't live with out it.

  • It would be useful to have some more basic data - age/history/impact on quality of life/duration of condition/other remedies tried/etc etc.

    Per-oral Endoscopic Myotomy is a relatively new procedure and the hope is that it will prove to be a less invasive replacement for the Heller Myotomy - in essence cutting the muscle surrounding the lower eosophageal sphincter and so enabling that structure to relax and permit food to pass on down into the stomach.

    Before embarking on this suggested treatment carefully research the track record of the centre which is offering it.

    If there is a non-surgical option IE Botox then definitely try this as a first and reversible, albeit temporary resort.......IMHO (unqualified) no debate.

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