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Help with GERD symptoms but negative results

Hi everyone

I’m hoping someone may have experienced similar issues to me and might be able to provide some guidance. I’m asthmatic well managed. A year ago positive helicobactor pylori and since had terrible breathless episodes when or just after eating, feels like an asthma attack/allergic reaction feels like my lungs hyperinflate, throat and tongue gets congested and feels like it’s swelling. This all lasts for up to an hour every time I eat. It doesn’t matter what food I eat. I’ve cut out sulphites gone organic and I’m already on a gluten free diet. Allergen testing normal. I’ve tried various as I thought this was related to acid reflux however PPIs havent worked and gastrocopy, barium swallow and ph study all normal. Lungs appear okay and chest X-ray normal. Symptoms appear classic acid reflux but tests disprove this. I also have constant oral thrush, washback and bad breath. Can anyone offer any guidance on where I go now and how to manage symptoms as they’re terrifying and I’m struggling to cope. Thanks in advance and apologies for long post.

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Your asthma and eczema are indicative of hyper-sensitivity so that is obviously a likely culprit.

Did you have antibiotics for the He Py? And if so do you think you have re-established a stable healthy gut flora using probiotics? (This may well be connected with the Candida issue)

Reflux can be 'silent' that is without obvious, detectable symptoms but still be sufficient to cause mild gastritis, bad breath,even inhalation problems in the lungs, etc.

Many of us have experienced oral thrush after chemotherapy, it is quickly dealt with by a short course of the appropriate antibiotic - why hasn't your doctor dealt with this? In the GI

tract it can be just as unpleasant and disruptive as the vaginal infection.

You have the reassurance of having had a thorough investigation which has probably eliminated the possibility of anything major.

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Hello there , How are you getting on ? I also have acid reflux i have just been to see an Upper GI surgeon where doc referred me. He is going to put a tube from my stomach to nose with a little box to record how severe the acid is or if it is acid, which i suspect it is. I had the camera down 2 years ago but it wasn't anything serious. I will post n here when i've had the tube in. I get alot of oral thrush as well , I rinse my mouth with coconut oil , have apple cider vinegar - natural yoghurt and rinse with sea salt also rinse with corsodyl - yours may be more severe than all that though - then there are lozenges to help hope that helps a little x


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