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Anyone with similair symptoms?

Ive been struggling for almost a year now with what can be described as reflux. My symptoms include extreme breathlessness, difficulty swallowing, choking cough, dizziness, nausea, heartburn, regurgitation and washback within 10 minutes of eating, usually whilst still eating. The worst symptom is the breathlessness as I'm already asthmatic and it genuinely makes me feel like Im going to die. Dramatic I know however its frightening to not be able to catch a breath. Symptoms subside after 45 minutes whe I take Gaviscon advance however it does leave me exhausted feeling like I have to sleep. Does anyone experience anything similair and if so how do you manage it? Ive had an endoscopy and thats hasn't highlighted any issues. I feel it may be to do with the oesophageal sphincter not closing after eating however waiting on follow up hosiptal appointment.

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Hi it does sound very frightening and although I do not have your symptoms and cannot offer any helpful advice I feel for you and hope further investigation will help to find relief for you. Thinking of you

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