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Dizzy on Lansoprazole?

I've been on Lansoprazole 30mg since July this year and have experienced dizzy spells coupled with nausea which are becoming more frequent. The entire room seems to spin and my sense of balance goes completely. These episodes,whilst not every day,seem to be coming more and more. I have just had my eyes tested but was told they are fine..and so was wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms on this med? I live alone and so bouts like this are distressing ,not to mention dangerous to say the least. I was dxed with Barretts and so appreciate I will have to take some form of PPI but wondered if another type of drug has proven less problematical for some here?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi, it's quite normal that every one reacts differently to medications, ask your doctor to try another PPI, or H2 Blocker?

I also didn't feel well when I was on Lansoprazole.

I did some research and I have found that taking combinations of ppI and H2 Blocker works well with some people, like for example PPI in the form of Esomeprazole, and H 2 Blocker in the form of Ranitidine.

speak with your doctor and suggest that to him!! See what he says!

Best wishes

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Hi i found the same when prescribed lansoprazole,after twenty minutes i felt very dizzy .having had uncompensated labyrinthitis for months , any dizzyness is upsetting .i have refused ppi s since then . However a recent consultation with the gastro consultant i explained why i didnt want to take them and he prescribed ranitidine and said that was usually better . I have found the same symptoms with gaviscone extra ,but not basic gaviscone . The only difference between the two , seems to be double the sodium alginate so im not sure what that is or why it should cause dizzies.gps are not allowed to prescribe basic gaviscone ! Just extra . But i am now prescribed another antacid the same as gaviscone , which is fine . I havnt tried the ranitidine as i have decided against ppi for other reasons but with barrets i understand you really need them . I hope if you can get another ppi that will help you , but you are not alone in getting dizzy on lansoprazole.

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Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply. My other thought regarding the dizziness is that because I seem to get silent reflux the first I ever know of it is when I begin to choke. My mouth,my ears and throat and my lungs all become extremely painful and this can last days after an attack. I vaguely wondered if somehow acid had caused an ear problem as I know all of these are connected. I don't have any form of earache but perhaps fluid in the ear has been disturbed? The bouts of dizziness seem (from what I've read) similar to the symptoms of labyrinthitis.


As far as I understand it, labyrinthitis might be caused by a combination of a virus and stress. It can be very distressing, and when I had it I had to have complete rest for a while. There is medication that can help with it, but you would need advice from a doctor. And it is not clear whether it is indeed labyrinthitis that you are suffering from. The doctor would be able to confirm this fairly quickly

I would have a careful read of the patient information leaflet that comes with the Lansoprozole. It may, or may not, be a contributory factor.

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