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Dads set backs

Well all was going ridiculsly well after dads successful ospehegectomy all tubes had been removed apart from the chest drain which he still has insitu.

I called this am to ask how he was and to be told his jeg is now leaking. Is this a bad sign ?

There is clear fluid in his chest drain which im told that there not too concerned about but there concerned about the jeg leaking after he had eaten weetabix and milk this am. The nurse apparently has had to put a stoma bag over it.

Now he is nil by mouth..... i hope surgery is not back on tbe cards ??? He is well otherwise walking miles around the ward without any breathlessness.

Has anyone exprienced this ?? My dad is really down in the dumps about it as they said he could come home today but obviously he wont beable to now ??


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Hi the jejunostomy goes into the small intestine which is used for the feed they put you on. Perhaps it has come out of place. Mine was stitched in. I hope it has been sorted.


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Hi Hope

the jej was the worst part for me. I hated it. It was used for around two weeks post-op to get some grub into me. Then I was able to take real food down the right way. But it was another three weeks before the jej went.

Not every surgeon uses a jej. Some think it should be put in post-op only if it is needed. They can be a source of infection but if you can't eat properly post-op they are a good thing.



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