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The wait is nearly over

Well Friday is the day we get the results of husbands investigations. He has continued to lose weight, but that it purely down to not eating much as he cannot stand the thought of bringing it back up. He is getting terrible reflux which he wasn't getting before and he's bringing up a foam like substance. The choking symptoms appear to have stopped (for just now).

The endoscopy showed signs of severe inflammation and possible barrets, but no lumps or bumps causing the choking etc and his blood work came back as clear (I'm assuming this is good) We get the results from the biopsies they took on Friday too.

He had a CT yesterday and I thought they were doing the barium swallow (?hiatus hernia), but it was injected contrast dye. So now I'm totally confused as to what they were looking for. Again we get the results from the consultant on Friday. We just want to know what we are dealing with and how quickly things will be resolved, he can't go on losing weight at the rate he's doing.

Thanks for reading guys

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It is often a good idea to write down the questions you want to ask before the appointment. The take your time so that you can ensure that the consultant has answered them. In this case you are probably thinking Q What is causing this reflux? Q Is it acid or bile? Q What is the foam-like substance? Q Why can't I swallow food properly?

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Thanks so much Alan


hi lucypuppy ,

the waiting for results days are so hard , i really hope you get your husbands diagnosis and can start his recovery . it was good the ct scan was done , i had a barium that showed my problem , but then had to have a ct scan to confirm it . so i think the ct cuts out the need for barium and gets a good look at the area being examined . the contrast dye shows up all the blood vesels ect and gives a very clear picture , so a good examination to have had .

re the weight loss , i have been able to eat less and less and my weight started to drop dramatically . i am now on fortisip , a meal replacement drink , a lot of people on here have probably been on . its made a dramatic difference to my energy levels .it provides everything we need including fibre in a small 125 ml shake like drink . i can eat as much sweet melting puds as i want but they are short bursts of energy , its what i call solid food i cant get down , as i can only get two tablespoons of food down every two hours . fortisip can be prescribed by the doctors . i know i just about stopped eating to avoid my symptoms and as my specalist nurse said thats a natural responce .i am now learning new ways of getting proper food down in small amounts . before i was prescribed the fortisip i was useing weetabix breakfast in a bottle drinks and they are very good , again like a shake not gloopy as i thought they would be .

the very best of luck on friday


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