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Hey guys so I am waiting for authorization from insurance to approve an upper gi xray. But I'm just frustrated because I'm thinking okay what if the xray says alls good (not that I want something bad , of course not) or just 'yep you got gerd keep taking zantac/mylanta'. What if nothing changes and I keep feeling fatigue, short of breath, w stomach issues everyday? Will I just have to learn to live like this? I don't wanna sound dramatic or like I want something bad to be discovered I just want to live not physically and mentally drained. :/

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hi , im new on here but i can understand your frustration ,when you know something is wrong but cant find the answers . its posative you are getting investigations and hopefully that will diagnose or rule out a condition . either way hopefully your on the way to answers .after years of hospital investigations for both my husbands conditions and my own ,fifteen years for my diagnosis ! i would encourage you to just keep fighting for a diagnosis . some good advice my hubbie gave me too was , just fight the fight infront of you , as i do tend to go off on what iffs . i know exactly how you feel on the drained fatigue side especially mentally ,having to fight when feeling so ill is something im sure everyone posting on here feels ,coping with debilitating illness is exausting . once you do get a diagnosis finding others with the same condition really helps . i wish you all the best .

Hi k-7, just noticed your last post sent and wondering how you are getting along now, has your insurance been granted yet, i had my barium swallow xray 1 week ago and waiting for my results, next week i have a endoscopy booked.

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I had my barium swallow. Good news is that it is just acid reflux is what they said. I was put on omeprazole & have taken or for 2 weeks. I thought I was getting better but I still had to take mylanta and I was feeling nauseous all day though no vomit. Also not sure if this is coincidental but my migraines started again. Called my doc and she moved me to prevacid. Just bought it I will try it tomorrow to see how things go.

Rmichelle in reply to K---7

Hi k 7

My barium swallow was all clear, apparently ibam suffering from hyperthyroidism, breathles, palpitations, trembling, and it is also gives you swallowing difficulties with food and it getting stuck. I have joined thyroid uk forum now.

I am glad it was nothing serious but always search other possibilites if you dont feel better soon. An endoscopy would be your next port of call. And always requezt copies of your results has some consultants holcd back on little bits of info cos think think its notb worth mentioning sometimes. Good luck and i hope you improve.

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