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Worrying symptoms


I'm a 21 year old male. Around 8-12 weeks ago, I had what I thought was tiny streaks of blood within my stool, after a stool test it turned out that there was no blood and everything was normal. However, around 6-8 weeks ago I developed a constant pain in my stomach, followed by bloating after eating. I don't have any trouble swallowing or vomiting, just this consistent pain and bloating in my stomach with the bloating being made worse after eating. I went to the doctor and discussed my symptoms on the 28th May and he put it down to gastritis, with my body over producing acid due to stress, he gave me a prescription of Lanzoprozole 30mg to help counteract the acid and told me to do a stall sample for H.pylori bacteria which came back as normal. The Omoprozole did help relive the pain and discomfort, however after finishing the course the pain came back.

I went to discuss this with a doctor on the 4th July and he put me on a course of Omoprozole 20mg which did not help relive the symptoms. Today (14th July) I saw a doctor who told me to have a blood test for gallstones followed by a stool test to test for inflammation of the gut, and an ultrasound test which is yet to arrive. I haven't lost any weight at all during all this, I have maintained my weight at around 10 stone.

In a very basic term, I am panicking about this persistent pain in my stomach, thinking that it is something like Stomach Cancer. I don't really know what to do, I am very very worried about this.

If anyone can provide any advice or just something to help me that would be very very helpful.

Thank you.


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Hi Daniel

Sounds as if you have had quite a few test etc and that you are receiving excellent care.

Your symptoms to me sound a lot like IBS, has your doctor mentioned this? Also, because you are very anxious about it, this will aggravate the symptoms.

If your doctor was at all worried about stomach cancer, you would have been whipped into hospital pretty quick. Given your age and symptoms, they are obviously not thinking that way.

Please try and relax a bit because whatever it is, chances are, it can be dealt with.

I wish you well



Hi Judi,

I already have IBS, I have had it for around 7 years now, ironically caused by my generalised anxiety disorder (GAB). My nan recently passed away on the 28th May and whilst at the hospital my symptoms did get worse, but it was a different pain to my normal IBS symptoms where I get pain in the bowels rather than the stomach area, like this pain. This pain I have is constant, like a dull ache, but can be worse with eating.

I believe that the doctor has put me in for an urgent ultrasound scan, the appointment should arrive within the next week, but I think that is mainly to check for gallstones. I had two blood tests done yesterday and a stool sample to check for inflammation of the gut and on the blood test from it said 'upperabo pain, long term, bloating/trapped wind, made worse by eating, gallstones?' so I guess they are looking for gallstones. I looked at symptoms online on the NHS website (big mistake), and I only seem to have a couple of symptoms, and the rest doesn't match how I am feeling so I'm a bit sceptical/panicking.

I think I panicked myself more when I read the symptoms and prognosis of stomach cancer online and that is basically everything I am suffering with other than difficulty swallowing.

Thanks for the help!



I think that the doctor who has seen you and checked your history is really the best person to advise you. The bleeding may possibly have been a haemorrhoid; the fact that the bleeding is not persistent is a good sign.

We can indeed read about all sorts of things that appear on even reliable websites and begin to wonder whether we have something more serious.

The bloating / trapped wind can be painful. Your digestion system usually works better when relaxed, so you might like to think about trying some form of relaxation technique to complement the medical aspects of your treatment?

If things do not get better in the next few weeks, the doctor may suggest a colonoscopy as a check.


The blood test results and stool sample test results should be back next week and the doctor wants me to see him as soon as I have all the results back. The doctor is leaning towards gallstones, but due to my anxiety I am worrying that I have something worse wrong with me like cancer, the pain is central, directly under my sternum and can be slightly to the right hand side. I don't have any pain on the left-hand side of my abdomen. Sometimes it can make me feel like I am hungry, especially at night time (10-11pm) or for instance I have had breakfast about an hour ago and I feel like I'm getting hungry now.

The ultrasound should give a better view of what is going on, it's just the worrying thought that it is something worse. I have been offered anti-depressants multiple times by the doctors, but I refuse to take them as I do not want to get stuck in a situation of taking anti-depressants for my anxiety.



Sounds like the tests and investigation are progressing as they should. Some anxiety is normal, but trying to keep this worrying to within limits may be a challenge for you. But it would be worth trying to find ways of coping with your anxiety levels.



I have had my gallbladder removed a few years ago. Prior to this, I would have horrendous attacks especially if I had eaten something I shouldn't!! The pain was so bad, I can remember being on my hands and knees on my kitchen floor, unable to get up.

I also have ibs and gerd/Gord, so I know all about stomach pain, believe me!!

Hopefully the blood test, stool test and ultra sound will give you the answers. One thing they will do, is tell you what it isn't!

You should not be afraid of taking medication for your anxiety. Sometimes, the body and the mind need a rest and the newer SSRi's would do this. I have been on and off medication for anxiety/depression for nearly 40 years. I know when I need them and when I don't. At present I am taking sertraline which seems to suit me.

It's all about accepting the way you are, how your anxiety affects you,understanding how the mind affects the body and learning to manage it.

Good luck


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The doctor told me that my pain is due to GORD/GERD because of my anxiety, this was back in May, where my body is producing too much stomach acid which is why I was put on lanzoprozole which to be fair, did help my symptoms but didn’t completely remove them. But due to the length of time my symptoms have bend going on for, it makes me think it is something a lot worse than what it is thought to be. The doctor on the 4th July told me the same thing but put me on Omoprozole which did not suit me/help me, it made my symptoms worse in a way. I have been put back on lanzoprozole and given a 56 day course, this was done yesterday.

I am very sceptical about medication for my anxiety but I know I need help or something to make it better.



Have you ever been referred to someone who may be able to help teach you techniques for dealing with the anxiety? Maybe ask your GP if they could do that. I suffer with anxiety on and off due to thyroid problems (I joined this group because my Dad has cancer, not myself) and have come to the conclusion that I need to be pro active in dealing with it as my thyroid issue is likely to take a while to get sorted, so I'm doing yoga and have been looking into mindfulness or something similar (hypnotherapy maybe?). I think there is an anxiety support group on healthunlocked too which may be able to give you some good advice. I think at your age your symptoms are less likely to be down to cancer and probably something which may be able to be managed by a change of diet or medication. Anxiety will always exacerbate symptoms too, my IBS is far more likely to flare up when I'm stressed.


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