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Had a Stretta procedure yesterday at James Cook University hospital. I was so well looked after by the amazing Mr. Viswanath. He's one of the few surgeons doing this on the NHS. I had 4 other surgeons in attendance as apparently it was the first time in Europe this procedure was carried out on someone with Soegrens syndrome. 2 weeks on liquid diet now

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  • If you don't mind me asking what was your diagnosis to be referred for the Stretta procedure? I have a hiatus hernia, severe reflux that has over the years resulted in Grade C oesophagitis. On the whole the reflux has been reasonably well controlled for many years by PPI medication but since having my gallbladder removed last year the symptoms have become much worse and bile reflux has added to my problems. I have been referred for the Nissan procedure but after meeting with the surgeon I am really concerned about the irreversible and long term effects of the surgery. A friend of my daughter had the surgery last year and has found things very difficult since. I have decided that I am going to ask to defer the surgery because psychologically I am not ready. I also have autoimmune disease that affects my ability to heal. Three operations last year resulted in months off work and took far longer to heal than would normally be expected because my immune system attacked everything in sight!!!! In addition I need to lose some weight before surgery and have been using self help measures including modifying my diet and sleeping on a wedge pillow, this together with 60mg of Lanzoprazole and 300mg Ranitidine per day seems to be managing the situation well. I would like to know more about the Stretta procedure particularly if it is a possible alternative to LNP surgery for someone with my condition.

    Sorry for the long post.

  • I was initially referred with sudden onset dispepsia aged 65. I was waking up choking on reflux and suffering with heartburn. My doctor did a swift referral worried about cancer really. The initial gastroscopy revealed a hiatushernia, gastritis. The biopsy proved negative for cancer. After that I had pH and manometrystudy and a barium swallow which revealed a very weak swallow. I had heard about Stretta so asked at the hospital. Fortunately the consultant here is one of the only people in the country who does this procedure. He said an operation would not be helpful in my case but was happy to offer me the Stretta. I think he was quite keen because no one had carried it out on someone with Soegrens. There were 4 other consultants present when he carried out the procedure. I had already lost a lot of weight from restricting my diet and was struggling emotionally with the lifestyle changes involved. I guess I was lucky. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Mary

  • That was really useful. I got quite excited that there might be an alternative to surgery so I did some research. The info from NICE sounded really positive until I got to the bit that said Stretta was not recommended for hiatus hernias of more than 2 cm, as mine is 6 cm it doesn't look like an option for me. I will raise it with the consultant anyway. Thanks for your response and I hope you are recovering well.

  • Oh what a shame! Yes I am recovering well thank you.

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