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Advice please

Hi all, looking for some advice.

I am a 50 year old male with 2 young children and have suffered from reflux since I was 20, was diagnosed with Barretts around 6 years ago but was not followed up, I insisted on a scope last year and was told I had LGD and would be monitored more closely.

I have since moved hospital had another scope and 2 EMR's due to HGD and a small cancer T1a 1mm margin and no lymph node involvement, they seem sure they have hot all the cancer and are happy to carry on with endoscopic treatment (halo) to treat the Barretts and a scope every 3 months in the hope that getting rid of the Barretts will remove the risk of cancer returning, I am happy with this at the moment as am very active, am fitter now than I have ever been and to be honest don't want an op unless there is no other option. Just wondered if anyone else is or has been in the same situation?

Many thanks


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Hi Ed

Very much like my story but I eventually had the decision to make. It's initially hard to consider because as you say you're otherwise feeling fit and healthy, life after the operation is however a little different. My situation came to a head when the RFA couldn't remove a deeper section of the newly forming cancer, the operation was the belt and braces option. Whilst I do sometimes wonder if I'd done the right thing (during occasion moments of low mood swing) I have with out doubt given myself a chance of life. I have my own business, work long hours, a single parent for half of the week, referee football matches at weekends, eat and drink as normally as possible, life goes on. If you do get to the stage where you have the decision to make, talk to people about life afterwards, it helps immensely.


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Hi Ade thanks for the reply, glad to hear you are ok, it is difficult because as you say you feel like nothing is wrong, I have decided to carry on without the op and see what happens, just means a scope every 3 months but that doesn't bother me.




Hi Ed,

That's the route I would take too, there is nothing at all to say it will get worse. If you're getting scoped every three months then they will notice any change, however small it is. I think what I was trying to say was that it's a massive decision for an otherwise healthy person to make, just don't be afraid to make it if needed though Ed. I forgot to add that I also did a half marathon 18 months after my op too. If you need to talk, I'm more than happy to pass on my contact details to you.



Am good at the moment but may take you up on that at some point, very good of you, thanks.


The results for the radio frequency ablation (Halo) are good, but it is a relatively new treatment and there are therefore no studies giving results for a great many years afterwards. I think that your situation is an excellent example of how early diagnosis can result in much less invasive treatment that is effective at dealing with the cancer. You are quite right in being reluctant for having the surgery unless it is really necessary; a few years ago you would have had the choice. That is good medical progress!

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HI Ed,

I was in a similar situation 5 1/2 years ago at 58, I too suffered with reflux from my early 20`s, until I was diagnosed with Barratt`s in the mid 90`s. I had regular endoscopies until they found the cancer in Nov 2011. At that time I had the op to remove the faulty valve and the bottom part of the oesophagus with the T1 cancer. How times have changed and advances made in the treatment. I was in hospital for 2 weeks and since the op I do get the odd spate of reflux at night and `dumping` usually if I over indulge. However I take each day as it comes and although I retired in 2009 I still work part-time (when I want to) and are grateful I was diagnosed at an early stage.

I see you are close to where I live, I had my appointments at Worcester and the op at Gloucester.



Hi Mick,

Good to see you are doing well,I work in Evesham so not far!

I am at the QE in Birmingham, ongoing but all good at the mo, just taking it as it comes!.


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