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Reoccurrence of Cancertain!

Hi I had my Ivor Lewis op in January 2011 & after quite a long time after thought I was getting on well.

Went for my annual check up & to cut a very long story short have now been diagnosed with Lung Cancer & I am due to have an operation for this on 5 May.

This time though I am petrified as I know the road I have to climb after.

Anyone else had this problem? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I know this op is not so intense as the IL but I am still very concerned as to.how I am going to deal with all the concerns after.


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There are inevitable echoes and memories of the last big stay in hospital, but I think, after this length of time, it is like starting again with the whole thing, and trying to strengthen your own stamina for what lies ahead. There may be some technical surgery issues about the operation after your oesophagectomy, but I would not have thought this was a big problem for experienced surgeons.

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Thank you Alan I know it's not such a big op as the IL but I still remember the recovery afterwards which is what's concerning me most, especially as my beloved husband is no longer here with me having passed away in February 2015.

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Jan, I'm so sorry to read of this. It's the worry that follows all who have had this disease. I'm also sorry to hear of the passing of your husband. If I were in your situation I'd go and see my gp and tell them my concerns and see if they can put me in touch with any support groups so you're not going through this alone. Macmillan also may be abe to help. Best wishes for you x


Thank you for your advice.

Yes I have a cancer nurse from Macmillan & she is a great help.

I haven't even seen my GP since I had my diagnosis. My Consultant wrote to my GP but no feed back from her to date. It is a nightmare these days to try & see my Dr. so have given it up as a bad job & I don't think she would be able to help me anyway.

The Macmillan nurse is far better .

Regards Jan


I don't have any suggestions, but just wanted you to know you will be very much in our thoughts.

Posting on here makes you feel not quite so alone!! Good luck xxxx


Thank you for your kind thoughts xx


Hi Jan

I've just discovered my OC has come back 10 months post op and completely understand where you are coming from in terms of your fears and anxiety regarding a recurrence of cancer.

It sounds trite but try and stay positive - people defy medical odds all the time. I wish well.



Hello JanA

I had a radical three stage Ivor Lewis in 1991 (aged 47), followed by Cisplatin chemo. Notwithstanding I needed removal of the right lung and two ribs in 2009. I can't claim it was fun, but it is definitely do-able!

If you would like to discuss in detail let me know.


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